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Re: Doc says systemic candida highly unlikely...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Doc says systemic candida highly unlikely...

I totally agree with Twingirl. I was sick for two years and I know I had systemic candida due to an extremely poor immune system. It got so bad I couldn't lift my hand to simply blow dry my hair because the fatique was chronic and it hurt lifting my arm. I had the itchy eyes and ears and three dozen other symptoms such as bloating, swelling, insomina, hair falling out, chronic stomach cramping, etc. Basically, my body was decaying. Nothing was growing and I itched and hurt all over. If you just touched me it hurt. I slept in a different bed for a year away from my husband. I swear the hair from my dogs hurt me!

I was on 10 different medications for so many things, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), depression, anxiety, Epstein-Barr virus, IBS, h.polri, diviticulitis, high blood pressure, colitis, peptic ulcer, acid reflux and every week I complained of something new. Doctors just kept giving me more medicine to bandaid my every complaint. The worst thing was I was taking Adderall which is basically amphetamine, a stimulant. I was suppose to take one twice a day for ADD but because I couldn't keep up with my fatigue I ended up sometimes taking six a day. I was a mess. Little did I know it was candida. I had never heard about it.

I believe I have always had a poor immune system which makes me think that is why candida likes to live in my body. It's easy prey. My whole life when I became stressed I would become ill. Before I became chronic with candida I went through one of the most stressful times of my life and pretty much had a nervous breakdown. Therefore, my immune system collapsed and candida ravaged my body. I would look out my window for hours wondering which tree I could hang myself from. My husband was ready to take me to a mental institution because I was suicidal and he felt helpless. One day, I cried hysterically and told him it was not mental instead I KNEW it was some physical illness but all he had was what the doctors were telling us. Thank God he heard me and believed me, he said I had never sounded so clear and he decided to help me. He started looking on line by typing in my symptoms and came across Candida. He had to do all the work because the fog and fatigue only would allow for me to sleep 20 hours a day.

I went off all meds, I did colon cleansing twice a week for a year, found a holistic doctor, started taking Garden of Life Fungal Defense, detoxing my liver, eating organic and taking supplements. A year later hired a trainer, lost some weight and continue to work out three times a week. I believe doing cardio might be one of the most important benefits for candida sufferers. Doing weights is great for firming and so forth but cardio really makes a difference with me. I feel stronger. Another recommendation is to do whatever you can to simplify your life. My husband and I just recently moved from a large house to small house with less of everything. Less stress helps with candida, at least in my case.

All the above symptoms are now gone with the exception of my blood pressure being elevated. Today, I do not take medication except for one high blood pressure (I used to take three just for high blood pressure) but as I continue to eat right, exercise and lose weight, I want to believe the time will come when I will be off that medication too. Maybe I will always have to deal with high blood pressure because my mother has had it all her life and doctors say it's inherent but why should I believe what they say? I will continue to strive to no longer have it and completely be off all medication.

Today my life is totally different. I still suffer from candida and I have to keep it controlled. Thinking back, I sounded like a hypchondriac and a victim. I refuse to be a victim in anyway, not from this condition and certainly from the ignorance of the medical community who refuse to listen to us. I recently had no choice but to visit an MD because I had a lymph node lump on my neck. My heart sank once again because at the end of my visit he basically told me the same thing yours did, he hasn't seen any proof that systemic candida exist!!! I wanted to shoot him. Even after I had told him my story he still gave me a slap in the face by dismissing my condition. I will NEVER go back to him. The only revenge that would be fair for these doctors is if they suffered from candida too.

Find another doctor and good luck. You are not alone!!


P.S. Sorry this was so long but this was the first time I ever wrote my story, it felt very therapeutic although my main reason for writing was to help.

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