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Re: Chlorella made pains worse?!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Chlorella made pains worse?!

John, what they don't tell you about Chlorella is -- if you have even one metal Amalgam in your mouth still-- or even silver Amalgam used in bridge work, or root canals, the chlorella is leaching out mercury from that remaining Amalgam material or some other source and redistributing it all over your body. Muscle pain and fatigue-- sometimes so much that you wont even be able to get yourself out of bed is a sign of mercury .

If you do not have any silver fillings, then you are redistributing mercury in your body that entered you through vaccinations or flu shots, etc. (thimerasol contains mercury- and is used as a cheap preservative in most mass vaccination/flu shot supplies) THimerasol is one of the worst ways a person can get mercury contamination because it is injected right into the blood stream-- neverthless, our government and FDA don't take it seroiusly- and ignore all complaints regarding this. It has been shown in many nutrition studies to be responsible for Autism in children.

You could even pick up mercury from pollution being emitted from factories, or jet exhaust fallout. Factory Pollution standards have been greatly relaxed by president Bush.

Chlorella IS very effective and truly detoxifying. However, make sure to only take it after all silver amalgam fillings are removed. Silver amalgam tooth fillings constantly emit small amounts of methyl mercury vapor into the body. They never "outgas " themselves either. You can continually sandpaper the surface of a metal filling, and new mercury will be exposed, as silver Amalgams are made with 50% or more mercury throughout the entire amalgam material.

Whenever one takes Chlorella, I feel they should also take either Algin (sodium Alginate taken from seaweed) or take along with dried seaweeds you can purchase in the alternative healthfood stores or online. You can get packets of mercury tested seaweeds like this for $3.95 a bag. They are surprisingly inexpensive. Algin sponges up any mercury that Chlorella may spill throughout the body. Algin acts like a push broom. When taken with adequate liquids, it will sponge up mercury that chlorella will spill- and push it out through your urine and bowel movements. This is why I take both together. The both work well together.

If you chew anything abrasive with metal fillings, or drink very hot liquids, or citrus-- you will feel mercury side effects-- such as dizzyness, headaches, brain fog, etc. I used to get dizzy spells whenever I chewed on crunchy rippled potato chips on my mercury filled molars. I'd have to brace myself on a table edge- it was so bad.

I began taking Chlorella with ALgin AFTER all metal fillings were replaced with porcelain/composite material. I no longer get dizzy spells. I still take Chlorella to continue my chelation.

The only side effects now are dark heavy bowel movements and minor constipation-- which is old mercury residue being pulled from the colon/intestines, etc. This is a good sign I am eliminating mercury. I counter the constipation with colon cleansing steps and foods that encourage elimination.


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