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Re: Past the point of no return...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Past the point of no return...

Dear Roni,

I have been reading your posts and although I'm not jumping onto the wagon again quite yet, I am encouraged by your determination.  I am rooting for you.  I tried last week for the first time and I can really relate to the feelings about making it to - or past the 3 day mark.  I only made it though 2 1/2 days.  I'm going to be trying again within the next 1-2 weeks.

I really want to encourage you about the pain relief too.  I have been in three very serious car accidents.  The last accident was in August of 1994.  It was a head-on collission.  I suffered numerous, very serious injuries and was a regular at the Pain Management Clinic for 5 1/2 years.  I have been off of all pain medicine for close to seven years now.  It was horrible taking all of that medicine.  I still experience pain now, I just deal with it in a different way. 

The last pain medicine I took was Methadone.  I was on it for two years.  Then I got the Flu.  My husband and my son got the Flu at the same time, so my husband and I both took our son to the doctor.  His pediatrician was Dr. Leila Denmark.  She must have been around 101 years old when we went to see her that day.  Yes she is still alive, although she no longer sees patients.  she stopped seeing patients when she was 104 years old - only because her eyesight had gotten too bad.  She will be 109 in February and she's still as sharp as a tac.

Anyway, when we went to see her that day she determined that we did all have the flu.  That was no surprise.  What she said to me, though, was what helped me to deal with my pain in a totally different way.  She said "Roberta, you definitely have the flu - but I don't know what is making you feel worse: the flu, your pain or your pain medicine.  She explained that when she was in medical school, she broke her arm.  She said that was back in 1918 - when the flu killed half the world.  She said that when they set her arm, they prescribed her pain medicine.  She verified with them that it was not going to do anything to help her arm heal.  It was just to make her feel a little more at ease, while she healed.  She did not take the medicine - and has never taken any pain medicine.  She said: "Pain is like an itch.  If you focus on it, it's a lot worse and it rarely ever just stops."  She continued, "If you can focus on other things, your pain gets more tollerable.  This is not easy to do at first, but with practice, sometimes you may not even notice your pain at all." 

She was totally correct - as I knew she would be.  Anyone who lives to be over one hundred years old, and is still actively participating in their chosen carreer - and in fantastic health, has got to know something.  I trusted her on this and I went home and immediately threw away my full bottle of Methadone.  I do not miss the pain medicine one bit.  I do sometimes, still, experience severe pain.  It always passes.  I don't know if I am doing some kind of self-hypnosis or what.  I didn't study any kind of special techniques or anything.  I only followed her advise and kept a confident and positive attitude.

I think it's kind of like when you break your fast.  When you break a really successful fast, I'm sure it helps to remember the condition of your health prior to doing your fast/cleanse.  I think that if you can remember how unhealthy you felt, and what made you decide take this step towards better health you will have an easier time maintaining your newfound health.  You see, I remember how the pain medicine made me feel.  I had a lot of side effects.  The really funny thing is that while I was on pain meds, even with all of the side effects - I still experienced some pain.  I was misserable.  The meds were having another rediculous effect.  I was having Migraines (and having to take a prescription for that - imitrex).  I stopped having migraines soon after I stopped taking the pain meds.  I am so happy that I was able to get off of all of it without any problems or withdrawl symptoms. 

I actually feel a lot less pain since I stopped taking the pain medicine.  I hope this helps you or someone else.

Change the way you think and you may change the way you feel,



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