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Hi, ToastieOat....
Juniper Berry Views: 4,268
Published: 20 years ago
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Hi, ToastieOat....

Hi ToastieOat!

Although many people would recommend that you do a parasite cleanse first, I did not want to wait to start my liver/gb cleanses. I had just been confirmed with Gallstones and they were impacted in the neck of my gallbladder. I do not know how large or how many there are (or rather, how many there WERE--Obviously, I have gotten rid of a large number of them.) BTW, I found this site almost the day I was confirmed with gallstones. What a blessing!!

I felt like I was flirting with a serious case of cholecystitis, and I wanted to get that resolved as quickly as possible. The constant ache in the gb area has become an occassional twinge, just to let me know that I am not yet 100 percent. YET. I expect to get 'em all as I pursue abundant health.

I've scheduled another flush in five days. I am VERY excited, and I will be sure to post my results. Watch the active Liver Flush Forum in the coming days.

As far as becoming ill--I can see how it would be best to clear out any resident parasites, so that they don't clog up your bile ducts. Also, it would be best to not have to deal with parasites, when you're working on getting rid of stones. I had an episode of severe acute illness at 2 a.m. during my first flush. I believe that it was due to the solidified matter that had totally clogged up my cystic duct being forcibly expelled. I thank God for that every day. The pieces that I found the following day or two were the shape of the cystic duct. One piece had a little crook in it just like you see in pictures where the gallbladder is attached to the cystic duct. I felt some violent spasming. (I thought it was my stomach retching, but it was-I believe-my gallbladder.) After a few moments, all the feelings of illness quite suddenly vanished. And I felt great!! All this happened in about the space of one-half hour.

As far as doing a parasite cleanse in earnest....well I have made some half-hearted attempts at it. I have not really done a decent parasite cleanse yet. I thought of throwing in a dose of 3000 mg of CoQ-10 during one of these four days leading up to my next cleanse. Who knows...maybe it will help.

If you don't have pressing needs, like I had, and you have time before the gall bladder cleanse, I would have to recommend doing some parasite cleansing, after a bowel cleanse. It's important to get rid of those parasite "hang outs" in your intestines.

I've been doing some cleaning out in the form of Bentonite and psyllium husks lately. It actually seems to make me feel better. I've been feeling a bit run down these past two weeks, and I think it is due to my body dumping stored toxins. I've been eating a diet conducive to massive detoxing. Lots of the good stuff, none of the junk. I think the Bentonite helps to absorb some of these toxins so they get swept out the door. I've also been taking hot Sea Salt water baths during which I scrub my skin with a rough bath mitt, followed by cold showers. This makes me feel rejuvenated. It's supposed to stimulate your glands and organs and help get your hormones back on track.

I feel like I'm on the verge of getting back to an awesome state of great health!! But the work is not yet finished. I'm not feeling like a ball of energy everyday yet. I'm not exercising like I should yet. But I've been listening to my body. I've been sleeping 10 hours a night and resting during the day so that my body can repair the damage I've done over the years. Any day now, my body will say, "Get moving. Get on that trampoline and jump like crazy. Go for a walk. Run a 5k race..." I feel like I'm on the verge of getting there.

Here's to your good health, and your husband's!!


Juniper Berry

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