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Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory
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Published: 16 years ago

Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory

Hello again,

I have a theory that you can attempt to pursue for yourselves in order to determine whether or not the root cause of your elevated anti-bodies can be correlated to Candida...

Yes, its that little critter Candida that I personally believe (after personal experiance) is the root cause of a lot of anti-bodies that are triggered against the thyroid.

The reason why this is, is because Candida has the capacity to change its form from yeast to fungus and not only that, but it can also mimic bodily tissues!? Clever little critter isnt it. Therefore the logic being is that if Candida has penetrated you intestinal wall (Leaky gut syndrome), and found its way into your bloodstream, it could well be setting up camp in your thyroid, and in an attempt to survive the immune response, it changes form to mimic your thyroid tissue...

Therefore a simple test for Candida could establish correlation for your Hypo condition.

First thing on a morning, before you consume anything or drink anything, take a glass of lukewarm water and spit into the glass of water, only one decent sized spit is required. Leave to stand, monitor the water for about 30 mins... if the spit has developed long white stringy lengths and or sunk to the bottom of the glass, you have a Candida problem... If your spit is clear and remains at the top of the water, you dont have this problem. If you do have a Candida problem then I suggest you head off to the Candida threads on this forum and elsewhere on the internet.

If you have a Candida problem, I suggest killing it with maximum hostility (with natural herbal remedies) Oil of Oregano, Caprylic Acid, Pau D'arco and Colloidal Silver . Consume lots of pro-biotics (friendly bacteria) Distill and oxygenate water if you can afford the equipment (It doesnt like oxygen) and change your diet completely. Attempt to obtain a neutral ph balance in your blood, it thrives in acidic environments. Like I say, if you have Candida, move over to the Candida threads and begin the process of informing yourself about this little critter, there you will learn about foods and diets that are of benefit.

Although this wont apply to ALL anti-body scenarios, I'm certain some people will benefit from this post, as I'm fairly certain that a lot of Hypo anti-body conditions are caused by Candida. All you have to do is take the spit test, if you see what I described take action and eliminate, if you dont then you have eliminated one more variable that is a potential cause of your anti-bodies.

I offer this information based upon personal experience alone, everybody is different and its costs nothing to spit in a glass of lukewarm water. Eliminate Candida (if you have it) and it is possible that your anti-bodies may well gradually reduce also, then you can save some of your natural thyroid.

I also suggest taking the Chinese herbal route in order to purge the thyroid of any toxin that has accumulated within the gland. Once you do both of these things in tandem with a review of your diet and lifestyle, you are well on your way to feeling good.

Best of luck.


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