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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory

Thankyou for your kind reply frencyboos. Believe me, Ive trodden the path of ill health and feeling like life was not worth living, and today I'm more or less "back to normal" so I'm in a position to offer some general practical advice albeit based on my own personal experience, which ofcourse will not apply to everybody.

The reason why your health is failing is because your body is unable to clean and repair itself, and this is quite simply due to toxic overload, there is no big mystery about this situation! Its amazing that when you visit your general practictioner and explain to them general symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, Acne and Depression etc, you are just looked upon with a shrug of the shoulder... and if your a female you may even be told, well its just womens problems ! Your a women, you should be ill !! Then you walk away with Prozac or Antibiotics and you may feel better for a few months if your lucky. I dont question the positive intention of your GP, but sadly if they are not part of an active cure process, they are not really that helpful are they? Ultimately, a worker is only as good as the tools he has at his disposal, and this also applies to academics... Anything to do with broken bones they are fantastic, but problems like fatigue, hypo, Depression etc not so hot I'm afraid to say. This is where an honest informed herbal practioner can be invaluable.

Treat your body like a car... keep it clean and keep it serviced. If you dont take care of your car, you really ought to :-)

If you are serious about regaining your health I can honestly say that everything begins with your gut. If your intestinal lining has been breached and toxins/fungus etc are heading direct to your liver or bloodstream without being fully broken down, you will inevetibly feel awful within quite a short period of time, and nothing will improve until you identify the problem and correct it. The reason why your intestinal wall becomes leaky (leaky gut syndrome) is because of of the toxic sludge that accumulates, mucous, parasites and candida that are the result of a poor diet.

I suggest you follow the following protocol in this order.

1: Remove all mercury amalgrams in your mouth. Commence Candida purge (if you have a problem) If you remove mercury amalgrams you will need to take Chlorella & MSM (sulphur) (garlic also contains high levels of sulphur), these substances bind the mercury whilst its in your blood, and then it gets safely eliminated without being re-distributed to another part of your body. Its very important to make sure the mercury is binding in order to actually get the stuff out of your body. When your dentist removes mercury amalgrams, some of the mercury can get into your bloodstream, this is why you should have the tools to bind the mercury already in your body before and during mercury removal.

2: Colon Cleanse and parasite cleanse at the same time. Also commence pro-biotics at this time and continue indefinatley.

3: Kidney cleanse
4: Liver cleanse.
5: Another colon cleanse.

If you have mercury amalgrams and cannot afford the outlay of having them replaced, just do them when you can bit by bit and crack on with the other parts to the recovery process.

Before you start this procedure, you ought to change your diet to a healthy organic diet, and continue this diet indefinately. Once your body is healing itself you can snack here and there if u must, just for psychological benefits. However if you have Candida, no snacking on foods that Candida benefit from is allowed period. You must also attempt to get your blood near neutral ph (7.35) Acidic is less than 7, alkaline is above. MSM (sulphur) is excellent to help restore neutral ph. You can buy ph strips at most chemists for a few dollars/euros etc, all you do is place them on your tongue to establish an fairly accurate ph level of your body. Some foods are acidic, some are alkaline. Here is a general guide to these catergories.

If you dont like the sound of a physical colonic irrigation, you can try something called Oxypowder . Just make sure you stock up on the toilet roll and dont have any dinner dates planned when you start! You dont have to take the Oxypowder all the time after a cleanse, just take it for two days every 10 - 12 weeks or so, and that will prevent long-term build up of rubbish on your intestinal wall, aswell as keep money in your pocket.

Ok, the primary place to start is the colon and get the pro-biotics inside your gut, research some herbs that can help clear mucous off the intestinal wall and get that intestinal wall rebuilt. Once the wall is doing its job, your whole body will be in a far stronger position. Your liver will have its burden reduced, your blood will be cleaner, you will actually start benefiting from the nutritional value of your consumed food, instead of the critters that are swimming around within you eating up everything for themselves. Then after all this your immune system can relax.

Are you feeling stressed ? I believe there are two catergories of stress.

1: Chemical stress.
2: Social stress.

Chemical stress is just quite simply your bodies reaction to a toxic burden that it cannot handle, again, clean up your body = no chemical stress. The chemical stress leads to psychological stress, because you spend half the time wondering whats wrong !

If you have the money, try Reiki, acupuncture or acupressure also, try everything.
Distill your water and avoid fluoride and chlorine.

Blimey, Ive just wrote a book !

Hope you find this helpful.


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