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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory

Hi there

If your antibodies are only 15 then you are in a prime position to conquer them before it gets bad... You can take Kelp/Thyroid Throu and perform a Candida cleanse all at the same time. I'm not aware of any problem between Thyroid Throu and Kelp, however you ought to confirm that with the company that produces Thyroid Throu.

However one note of caution, I'm not 100% certain but there maybe an issue with Caprylic acid whilst taking Thyroid Throu. Caprylic acid is derived from the coconut, and Ive heard one lady talk about having side affects whilst taking a spoonful of coconut oil per day whilst taking Thyroid Throu. Now, I dont know if there was any correlation, maybe she was doing something else she shouldnt have been, its very difficult to say. Just exercise caution if you choose that route. Oil of Oregano, Pau D'arco and Colloidal Silver will kill em off.

Regarding Kelp.. You need to establish what your Iodine levels are. Kelp can inflame Thyroid problems if you are Hashi, as Hashi is not specifically related to a lack of iodine. Too much Iodine will make you feel poorly, so do be careful with Iodine and pay very close attention to how you feel whilst using Kelp. Non holistic western doctors use iodine to KILL your thyroid gland ! Then your nothing more than a lifetime customer of synthetic thyroxine for the pharmaceuticals after this "cure". A lot of websites suggest Kelp and little else which IMO is not what I would call very sound advice, kelp contains iodine and must be used very carefully. However there is no known problems that I'm aware of between Kelp and Thyroid Throu. If you are iodine deficient and need to take Kelp, then you should ask the Chinese herbalists on the Thyroid Throu website if there are any known compatibility issues, they have a forum where you can ask any question and receive ongoing support during your treatment.

I take all sorts of herbs along with Thyroid Throu and have had no side effects of any kind except a pacy heartbeat whilst using Caprylic acid to destroy Candida.

The puffy face... I dont know what causes this?? I know little about the parotid gland apart from its location and that it secretes amylase to help digest carbs. It could be something to do with Candida again, I really dont know. What I do know for sure is that your puffy face is linked to the thyroid underfuctioning at some level, and that in a lot of cases maybe linked to an auto-immune response due to Candida. All I know is my face was puffy for about 3 years... and then I took the bull by the horns and started my own research and ended up performing everything I have previously suggested in the thread and my face has returned to normality, bearing in mind I'm about 4 years older now ! So yes, you can get your face back to sleek and slender. I was a goodlooking lad you know (modesty is an asset) and lost 3 years to my puffy face :-( ;-)

Tell your acupuncturist that you have an underactive thyroid, they will change the meridians where they place the needles in order to release negative energy from the thyroid.

Try and find out if you are Kidney Yang deficient, you may need to boost your Kidney Yang and increase Chi. We can always do with more Chi, but ask the Chinese about Kidney Yang and ask him to check your pulse etc. Kidney Yang deficiency is also often linked to an underactive thyroid, and the Kidney is another place where the critter Candida likes to play... Food for thought.

What is your TSH and T4 levels ? Free T4 is more accurate than Total T4. You maybe very lucky you caught the antibodies so early as 15 is generally just the beginning of Hashi. Your priority is to get rid of Candida, adjust your diet to a healthy organic diet and I would take the Thyroid Throu for possibly 4 treatments and see how you feel then.

Best of luck.


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