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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Cause of Hypo with elevated anti-bodies theory


Regarding the Iodine uptake test, the test tries to establish whether you have an even or uneven distribution and low or high uptake, which all mean different things in terms of the diagnosis. So with the info you provide that is not enough for me to make a comment upon, although I trust your doctor to have been competent enough to interpret the results.

Yes the Thyroid Thru is expensive, and if you are going to try and kill the candida too, that will also cost some money... its all money I'm afraid.

Stress.... stress can cause thyroid disorders, and it also tips your blood ph to acidic, which is the choice environment for candida. I would take a guess that your stress is what I call chemical stress and the way to get rid of chemical stress is to clean up your body.

You say you were taking a natural anti-fungal for candida, what was it ? Personally I know candida DOES NOT become resistant to Oil of Oregano. Ive heard that byproducts of Caprylic acid can in some cases create more candida. From what ive read, most people receive temporary relief from pescription drugs subsequently followed by a worse condition, however I'm not in a position to comment because I have never taken pescription drugs for candida. I took Oil of Oregano, Colloidal Silver , Pau D'arco tea with Caprylic acid and busted a severe condition within 3 weeks flat... My stress levels were wiped clean after the candida was eliminated.

You will learn as you go along regarding candida. If you think the pescription drugs are resolving the issue then by all means continue, if however after a while you find that the candida is back, then you must seek alternative cures. DONT wait until you are completely stressed out again and your thyroid antibodies are sky high until you retest for candida. Candida is a life destroying menace and cannot be looked upon lightly. Even if you feel ok, take the lukewarm water spit test once every 2 weeks, or even weekly if your serious about your health... It doesnt cost anything and can provide an indicator as whether the pescription drugs have really killed it off. Candida can destroy your kidney, it messes with your mental cognitive process (foggy memory) it causes fatigue, it causes severe stress and I believe it may be linked to thyroid disorders too and it will never stop attacking you, deal with it accordingly.

If I were you I would try the spit test, and start taking Oil of Oregano and Colloidal Silver if you can afford it. Your diet should avoid simple carbs all fruits except lemon juice, cows milk because of the lactose... You need to avoid all forms of mayonaise, salad dressings, vinegar and anything with yeast in it. Yeast is in all sorts of things like gravy mixes and ofcourse is used by most bakers to raise bread. Look for bread that is raised with sodium bicarbonate as this is ok, if you cannot find any in the shop, make you own !

Remember, candida feeds on the food you supply it so therefore you need to starve it and kill it with the other products that I mentioned. Try and stick out your job and take the candida purge seriously and take the Thyroid Thru as soon as you can afford too as if you dont, your thyroid condition will never improve under western doctor methods, they are quite happy to let your thyroid rot under the antibody onslaught until such day you dont have any gland remaining, at which point you are taking 300 mcg of thyroxine daily (for the rest of your life) puffy face and all... Four treatments of Thyroid Thru will last about a year and it may take upto 2 years to solve the problems but that will not be so bad if your stress levels are reduced by eliminating the candida as you will be better able to do your job.

Ive turned my life around using the holistic approach, you can too.

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