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Searching for truth and concerned

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Published: 19 years ago
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Searching for truth and concerned

Thanks for the encouragement Cutie Pie. At times I find myself questioning if all this effort is worth it. So far in my family I am the one who has had the most remarkable healings from this. And it's taken a lot of my time and energy. I enjoy your posts as well. It seems to me that you are also on a road to health and doing a great job.

I'm glad you wrote Dr. Clark. I'll be interested to see if or how she responds. With books and ideas as radical as hers must come some responsibility for affects. I wish some of the info was more clear as well. I think it's not because she is more research minded than how to minded. Egghead type in other words. Another Einstien perhaps.

I understand why you felt a need to post your concerns. If I had thought it was the problem I would have felt obligated to post too. I want the truth about all of this, for myself, for my family and for the benefit of the whole rest of the world as well. I think what you have done is a scientific deduction and it's possible that it's correct.

I thought about this a lot last night while I was trying to sleep. I also didn't zap last night for the first time in over two weeks. I found myself itching for the first time in a few days.

I asked my husband who is a master electrician with a bachelors degree in industrial electronics (among his other degrees, he also teaches 4th year electrician apprentice classes, designed the test for some electrician national contest one year and is in electrical management at his day job, in other words he knows his stuff) about putting the zappers on the feet. He said it would travel the path of least resistance because of something called a skinning effect (Ohms law).. Mostly traveling up and down the legs. Maybe some residual would reach the stomach. He said it shouldn't reach the head at all. He said that if you are holding it in your hands and your underarms are wet it's going to go there because that would be the path of least resistance. He said that if you put one on your foot and one on top of your head then you could get a zap from head to foot:) I had noticed that it was attracted to open cuts when it was zinging my hangnail one day so I guess any injury in your body will attract more electricity.

I am guessing this is why I have read things about zapping specific parts of the body. There is a vague reference to this in The Cure For All Diseases along with info on zapping specific problems with the use of that other machine she recommends. I guess most people's parasite problems are blood related or trunk related. I have had some ear itching stop when using them in my hands. Maybe this is residual electric. Maybe the parasite is living in my blood and affects the ears because the skin there is so thin. When I hold my zappers I have one hand placed on my leg and the other one on my abdomen. I noticed that when I did this I had more zings on the bartholins cyst area. When I tried holding them out to my side I didn't get as good of results. Now that I know this about the legs I'm thinking of holding one with my foot and the other with my hand.

I researched buying or building a Colloidal Silver maker last year and I don't think that it could be made in the mouth. The silver is supposed to be completely suspended in water. Plus I remember reading that different currents or something had to be used for different metals. There is a specific frequency that works best for silver. Also most people don't generally sit around with their mouths filled with saliva. So as to that being a possibility I would like to see some research done on it.

I was thinking of your symptoms. Numbness can be a sign of many dangerous things. It is a sign of neurological damage whether it comes from a heart attack, hitting your head in a car accident, or other diseases that affect your nerves or brain. This was the main thing that kept me up last night. I was worrying that you might ignore a symptom thinking it was caused by the zapper.

You can help to heal some neurological damage by taking antioxidants. From the research I did when my husband had his accident we wound up choosing two supplementals for this type of damage. Lipoic Acid and something called Neurozyme. Even if the zapper caused it I think you ought to act to reverse this damage. The longer you wait the more likely the damage would be permanent.

That website states that a metallic taste in the mouth is acidic and that if you balance the ph in your mouth it will go away. Perhaps using the zapper somehow changes the acidity of our saliva. Maybe you have something like candida and it's killing off so many of them at one time it's changing your whole body ph.

This website says that the metallic taste or bad breath is caused by a bacteria that lives in the mouth and that it can even coat the tongue with some type of tongue plaque. I don't agree with their treatment but the info is interesting. So maybe the bacteria is dieing off and that is releasing the bad taste that we experienced. That would explain why mine was only one time.

I also saw several sites that said that cancer and other diseases can cause metallic tastes in your mouth.

I am truly concerned about you. I don't think that you should use the zapper till you get the teeth fixed if for no other reason than you won't feel safe till you do. I am also concerned that you go on and treat the symptoms with herbs of some type. Especially the numbness. Please don't ignore this if the symptoms continue or come back.

For myself, after discussing all this with my husband, I've decided to continue using the zapper. It's working wonders to heal me. My gums have started to recover from whatever was bothering me. I'm not going to hold it to my head or neck till the Amalgams are gone though. I may change the way I hold it to help the cyst heal up faster.

Take care,

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