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Alkaline vs Acid, what do you think
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Published: 15 years ago
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Alkaline vs Acid, what do you think

Agreed w/ IndianaJones and Carthage. The adrenals influence the thyroid, good or bad. What Jeff gave me was Adrenacalm, which is a subdermal kind of lotion you rub on the vascular areas of the body (under wrists, soles of feet etc). He said that if the adrenals aren't working correctly, the body won't heal, so this aspect is extremely important. Overall I do believe it has to do with the overall domino effects of the widespread fungal infection. In my case especially, eliminations must be adequate which is probably why Jeff recommended Triphala.

For anyone curious, I did use the alkalizing drink with extra lime water and everything else whilst trying to avoid the 'taboo' foods. It seemed to help somewhat, but did not get me all the way to where I needed to be. My issues seem to revolve around improper eliminations, which would in turn cause hyperacidity- there was a recent comment made regarding this in another forum that the whole pH deal has much more to do with EXCESS ACIDS caused by accumulated waste due to too infrequent or incomplete evacuations of waste (hence the Bowel Cleanse Forum etc) rather than NOT ENOUGH ALKALINE MINERALS. The comment was just made in passing but I agree 100%.

Consider this analogy: take a metal strainer (the normal kind for rinsing vegetables etc). Let's say our goal is to fill the strainer (representing a body) all the way to the top with water (the water here represents alkalinity, or the body's alkaline mineral stores). This is difficult because of the numerous holes in the bottom of the strainer through which the water leaks. Two ways we can do this: 1) pour water out of a faucet at a really fast rate, fast enough to fill the strainer despite its holes, or 2) patch the holes in the strainer thereby preventing water from leaking. This would be preferable and a much more expedient way to succeed.

Waste is acidic. If the elimination organs e.g. kidneys, liver, COLON et al are backed up the pH buffering systems have to work that much harder and presumably utilize a great deal more of its alkaline mineral stores to do so. Think about it, we all know people who eat anything they want and they certainly don't partake of any alkalizing drinks, yet they're in vibrant health. I once worked with a guy who only ate fast food- that's IT. No health problems whatsoever. Good genes? Maybe. But he definitely was 'going' enough. LESS acid = MORE alkaline, thus the bowel forum and people trying out different cleansing regimens, colemas etc; this is why super-duper-megadosing on alkaline minerals should not be necessary, at least not for any length of time. Consider this also- that certain organisms e.g. fungus/yeast may be able to adapt at least somewhat to either an alkaline or acid environment hence alkalizing would indeed help somewhat yet not necessarily dispose of the fungus. So it may be more complex than alkalizing drink + diet fix = good health. Well I've strayed from your question applebee but hoped to identify why symptoms may persist for some of us despite adequate mineral intake.

Thanks to the rest of you folks who responded to this thread and best wishes applebee (did you get your nick from the restaurant? It's one of my faves :)

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