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Are there any possible health benefits from liver flushing?

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Published: 17 years ago
Status:       R [Message recommended by a moderator!]
This is a reply to # 794,665

Are there any possible health benefits from liver flushing?

Many people debating inside this forum try to clump together several different questions.

Questions often clumped together are:
1. What are "stones" composed of (chemical composition)
2. Where were "stones" formed (final shape and size, one that we can take a photo of)
3. Are there real health benefits of liver flushing, beyond placebo?

For majority of people ... it seems to be an All or Nothing.

If you believe that there are health benefits beyond placebo ... then it automatically means that stones are formed inside liver/gallbladder.

I don't think so.

Each question is a separate question .. but there are at least 6 different answers ... but those answers are not in any way linked together ... except in the case where people pass calcified or protein stones out  ... where benefits are logical ...  and origin is unquestionable.

 Are there any possible health benefits of liver flushing?

I doubt that every single person will benefit from liver flushing. Some people, very few,  may get worse.

 Are there any possible health benefits of liver flushing? 

A quote from Shark's page:

Here are a few pages I discovered for you only:

Gallstones Attack 91 of 397 humans reported suffering from
37 of 73 (51%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&u2=6
34 of 70 (49%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11139&u2=7

51% CURED! and the rest 49% reported condition improved!

Acid Reflux 95 of 397 reported suffering from Acid Reflux (question #2)
22 of 71 (31%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&u2=6
27 of 65 (42%) reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11093&u2=7

(why 22 of 71 only, why not 22 of 95? cause not all people answer all questions. number of those who answers decreases with every next question)

Acne(Chronic) 91 of 397 reported suffering from this incurable disease
10 of 66 (15%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&u2=6
33 of 64 52% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11094&u2=7
Chronic Acne are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Acne Hormonal 47 of 397 reported suffering from
2 of 33 (6%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&u2=6
7 of 33 21% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11232&u2=7

Allergies (chronic) 75 of 397 reported suffering from
10 of 53 (19%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&u2=6
21 of 51 41% reported condition improved (question #7):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11965&u2=7

Chronic Allergies are considered incurable (but treatable) by medicine.

Lower Back Pain 7 of 57 (12%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11356&u2=6

Poor Digestion / Indigestion 7 of 70 (10%) reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11185&u2=6

Psoriasis 1 of 9 11% reported condition cured (question #6):,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11236&u2=6

Psoriasis is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Eczema / Excema / Contact Dermatitis 4 of 29 14% reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11127&u2=6

Eczema is considered incurable by medicine, but in some cases it is treatable.

Anxiety (Chronic) 6 of 61 (10%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11098&u2=6

Abdominal Pain (Chronic) 14 of 74 (19%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11092&u2=6

Bloating (Chronic) 13 of 103 (13%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11104&u2=6

Constipation (Chronic) 4 of 86 (5%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11116&u2=6

Fatigue 6 of 92 (7%) reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11217&u2=6

Cholesterol: High Total Cholesterol: LDL + HDL + VLDL ("bad" + "good") 2 of 35 6%
reported condition cured,571,2826&s=21&u=2&o=11149&u2=6

And so on ... there are over 200 health problems listed in that survey ... medicine considers quite a few of them treatable but incurable.
Filtering survey data is explained on this page:,571,2826&s=21
If you follow the guidelines, you can find stats for over 200 health problems.


When 51% reports  condition cured and other 49% report improvement, what there is to question?


Are there any people who regretted liver flushing?    Yes.  1.6%,571,2826&s=21&u=1


Each question is a separate question .. and needs separate answer.




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