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Alternative methods of a cure - opinions?
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Published: 16 years ago

Alternative methods of a cure - opinions?

I've been reading these forums for a while now, and had a bad bout with a yeast skin rash over a good portion of my body a few years back. Went on magnesium, sf722, and triaminicolone ?sp cream which cut it down to a manageable level. Then managed my stress level - big problem - and went on diflucan, 150 mg every ohter day for ten days. I didn't have a relapse for two years after that, but recently my stress level has gone thru the roof with problems at my job, living situation, and a couple of illnesses in the family. The skin rash is back. Now, with stress management and a tanning bed, the rash is going back down, although I am relying on the multivitamin to boost the mag levels until I remember to get a mag/calcium pill at the store.

My next plan, which will probably give half this board a heart attack, is to order up a script for generic diflucan again, 200mg/every other day for ten days, or if a local doc or naturopath will do the liver monitoring, 200/day for a week. With Three-lac and acidlophus tablets to replace the bad elements. Plus a tanning bed, not to crisp me up to a golden brown finish like the family dinner table, but to helphold the yeast at bay using as close to natural sunlight as possible. Tanning full nude outside doesn't work right now as there is quite a bit of snow on the ground and yes part of the bum is affected. I realize that alot of you have major problems with artificially produced remedies to this problem, but I believe they have their place. I have no intention of making yeast my lifelong hobby and am fighting for a victory, not an eternal stalemate.

Can I please hear from other people that have gone on diflucan treatment for more than the usual one 150mg dose, use probiotics, exercise and a better diet in concert with each other, and what it did for you? Was there anything you should have done differently, did it cure you, if not, did it knock the yeast population down to a manageable level, where did you go from there, and if you did relapse, what causes do you see that led up to the relapse?

I've done a few Liver Flushes with the carrot salad, am actively managing stress both chemically (zoloft) and mentally (working on it internally, exercise, hobbies, rediscovering human contact) working on the diet with greatly reduced caffeine|sugar|carb intake, and taking magnesium, lots of vitamin C, and starting to exercise more. With the stress incidents three mos ago I did terminate all supplement intake and the majority of stres management techniques have only been implemented in the last wek or two. Mercury fillings were reduced by approx 75% last year, but no chelation has been done yet other than an increse in egg intake.

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