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Re: More about the MONKS

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: More about the MONKS

The Monks back in the days of Paul (Apollous) probably were nothing like the civilized Monks we see today. TV portrays today's Monks as helpers of the masses as well as hermits, etc. The Monks that made Paul famous, were recorded as guiding Paul to them from many miles away and that they could see him all his life and when they first met Pauls friend wrote that the Monks and Paul all rised off the earth and chanted as they moved in a circle while in the air, etc., etc. and when Paul was done with his enlightenment, he was seen as a God by the common people, his powers and abilities were not known to the western people. Paul attempted to teach that all people have such powers, but the masses wanted to worship him and ignore what they did not understand.

Mary / Joseph ????

Sadly I believed the human names in the Bible were of real people for about 40 years, then as I studied Longevity, my studies kept leading to the Bible and ancient history and I was stunned to learn all the secrets the public school and church never wants us to learn about.

When it comes down to the Bible? All the info known as the cannon that makes up the first Bible was all ancient info that 300 enslaved Monks had to tell the pope what it meant, the scrolls/tablets, etc. was all stolen by the pope as an effort to conquerr the world.

The monks knew they would be burned to death when their job was done and they did not want the romans to have this history, so they vieled the info.. My guess is today only the upper church leaders know this, the common pastors/priest are as ignorant as their teachers before them, their job, is to make $$$$ and keep the flock happy and contributing. When I confronted the pastor of our church with a little info, he backed down and said yes, I am aware and said I have a job to do.

If you study the old testament you will soon see it is a similar story told several times. The story of noah and the ark was added much latter because it became a very popular story and they had the ship as well, you can see this ship today, it is where it was when the story was made for it.

The new testament was created by the pope. I have read and see no reason yet to disbelieve it, that the pope took the history of Paul and split it up to create the catholic saint jesus. Paul was world famous and a thorn in the Popes plan for world domination. Paul never murdered anyone or anything and if you remove the names and the catholic added material from the story of Paul and Jesus, it is easy to see they were the very same man. Paul's statues covered the earth in temples around the world, he was a large headed man and made world history the most of anyone when you consider he was jesus.

Joseph, Marry, Adam, Eve, Joel, Mathew, etc., etc.... who were all these people? What about Moses???? What about the many, many stories or accounts in the Bible???? Back in the days of no paper and pen, stories were handed down by story telling.

The biggest secret the church NEVER EVER wants anyone to know? That the old testament is an account of HUMANS............. and their health. The New Testament, thanks to ensightful Monks, is an account of a man that was enlightened because he followed Nature and Loved God and not $$$$/sex. The last book of the New Testament is a story of the earth's cycles and the rocks, etc., etc...

We had preachers, male and female in the USA 200+ years ago preaching the story of Adam and Eve word for word unveiled and not one person could deny it, so they were disposed of by the church, we use to just call them witches and the good church folk murdered them as evil ones.

The more I studied health/medicine/herbs the more I kept reading books on the history of the Bible. It seems to be the best medical book ever written and was handed down by the people who built the pyramids.

Now you didn't have any paper to write these stories down, so as you learned from others, you returned to your family or area and you retold the stories. Your local people didn't know the people of far off lands, so each area chose new names to represent the stories.

The rivers mentioned in the Bible may be real names of rivers, BUT, these rivers were used to desribe certain artiers of the circulation system, a strong man of the time was used because his name represented strength or a week man's name was used to desribe a week spot in the human body, etc., etc. Sadly, the entire Bible is a allagory of a human health book left to us by the last generation.

The new testament is the work of the world's largest mass murder we call pope constitiene. It takes the religion of sun worshipping that was the world's largest religion at the time and attempts to take the world famous Applous and turn him into the new born catholic saint we now know as jesus. The historians settled on 70+ million people had to be murdered world wide and all the libraries/temples destroyed and looted by the pope as the method to introduce the world to catholic religion aka jesus. This war has never stopped, God will never allow peace to a people who want to worship idols and not He who created all.

So who was Mary and Joseph if jesus was only a magnetic symbol on a cross within a pyramid? There is a good chance these names were real and just a good a chance they were pure alligory from the get go. Names have meanings and a human does not need to exist to use the name to represent what your wanting to explain.

The pope after Constitiene was witness to the first Bible printed to paper, he recorded that today is the day of the end of the catholic religion, now it will be found out that we have changed the stories. Many a preacher has investigated all the changes in the stories.

To believe fully in the common Bible as written? You have to deny that God is perfect. You have to believe God is sorry for things "HE" did. You have to believe in the 12 zodiac signs. You have to believe God changed our diet. You must believe God's son will forgive us of all our sins and present us to God as Pure. You must believe that after our body dies, it has need for a GOLD MANSION built with the hands of jesus. This list was expaned to over 3,000 falsities of he Bible by Pastors/Preachers that had had enough and exposed the church for what it was over 150 years ago and continues to day to expose the church, just as the pope predicted would happen, because a paper trail always exposes a lie.

The church preaches FOUNDATION as the key. The Book of Genisus BREAKS SCIENCE LAWS and the church states you must have "faith". The Bible says the earth is very YOUNG, a few thousand years, no more than 7,000. When we dig in the earth, the bible has few explanations and relys on the church to have total control over the artifacts.

The church would have us believe woman was made from a rib of a man.

1. Why would God need to operate on man to make a woman? God can create a sun, yet to make woman he must start with a rib of a man??? Then what about this snake, the devil???? Is God out of control, is their evil in his midst??? The Bible surely wants us to believe so, "IF" we trust the catholic added few lines. Anyone reading the Bible can clearly see the devil thing is not constant and was created by the pope as a scare tactic so we would need to be saved from teh devil via our commitment to the church and naturally jesus was the first church and anyone believing in the pope would be saved for all eternity and all others would burn in hell.

And what of hell? You would think the Bible would teach 30 % HELL, 30% DEVIL and the last 40% on what it takes to get to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But is does not, it gives accounts of familys, sex and corruption. The Blue Bloods of today came from these stories of david, the masons worship their chosen King of the Bible, etc., etc.

Then we have these few rebel Free Masons who couldn't stand the scam anymore and put some of the history of the Bible to paper.

Their stpry starts out like this:

Adam and Eve

The first 2 people to have sexual intercourse and expelled as defective out cast. The male, named adam by the church was a symbol of the first NON-FEMALE on earth. It seems medically, it is believed Females are humans and a female that was born defective was called "male", a defective species that; as all non-pure species become, BRUTES.........

The curse:

The females needed no mates, it is believed they may even have had an egg or just had the baby with no need of a mate. These females have some history well hidden by the church with suspective lifespan of up to 30,000 years old, some even say 60,000 years. When the defective came on the scene, now the child birth would be hard... Now humans, defective humans would have to eat/drink. No longer would they all be breathairians, now they must toil in the soil and supplement with fruits of the trees and these foods would shorten their life to 1,000 years as just punishment.

Medical Doctors of today know this story all too well, their roots are deep in the old testament bibles, right down to their 2 twisting snakes they use as their symbol.

These MDS seem to know the churches very, very deep secret... It seems these Females before time of Adam, they were all male/females, both sexes in one human. Seems the pope knew this also and the symbol of Jesus on the cross represents the splitting of the megnetism of human into male/female, the cross representing male/female - positive/negative and the human suffering of being split. This magnetism is the reason females/males attract.

It appears the male/females are on the return, in the USA over 100,000 operations have been performed after birth to force a human to be a male or a female and doctors have done studies that show these forced operation are wrong and that the ones operated on hate what was done to them. These same doctors predict the cycle is coming back and once again on this earth, the male/female may be the dominant specie of humans.

Religion is a fasinating subject, some authors state all religions have a problem with Nature, while the catholic religion is anti Nature. Nature being the perfect creation of God's Laws, Nature is all powerful and bends for nothing... The laws are perfect..

The public history best desribed is the Old testament heavily veiled.
The New testament heavily veiled explains we are all God's Children and the earth's cycles.

Both are religions views of Nature and recorded history with the bias of the author at the time.

There is one fact of LAW/NATURE..

You read it, see it, hear it, touch it, etc. DO NOT BELIEVE IT, unless it is proven as fact by NATURE. "IF" it agrees with NATURE, then it is truth and is perfect science that can be repeated millions of times with the exact same results for all.

The biggest clue of ALL:
A person that LOVES/TRUST God can not kill another human and as they love God, they also love all of God's creation and can not slaughter/murder another life. Thus is the message from PAUL/APPLOUS and the reason the MONKS educated him with enlightenment that made him stand out like a God amongst those who live against nature.

God needs NO SOLDIERS..
God needs NO one to slaughter the animals he created.
God needs NO ONES AID.
GOD is ALL and made ALL in PERFECTION and it operates in PERFECTION with just punishment for all who disobey.

So who can kill another man in the name of GOD???
What good does it do to carry a Bible when your killing another person? What can a book made of paper do for soul/spirit???

"ALL" is available to every human, only the mind keeps the truths away. The most educated/enlightened MONK that has ever walked the earth, has never had a power that was not available and rightly inherited by all of God's children.

No human needs saved, these fools sending their young daughters and young sons over seas as missionairies usually end up with mixed marriages and seldom see their children again. It is done in the name of the church as a method to change the religions of the world and is a worthless cause from the get go. We civilized religious humans have all but conqueered the natives of this world and made them into useless idiots that can't care for them selves anymore. We christains supplied them with alcohol and in current times drugs/vaccines. Today they huddle around huts with satelight TV and desire mason $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and feel they are worthless with out the things the christains introduced to them. Their lives were destroyed when they put down Nature and obeyed the church.

In Nature the largest rule of all?

Off Spring........... Nature has no use for those that have no off spring. The sterile are marked in nature. An example: The deer, his antlers will grow downward "IF" he has damaged himself on a fence that he judged too short and left some vital parts stuck in barb wire!!!!!!!!! He will be seen as a loner and a defective with no use in the herd.


Nature is perfect in design, it makes for the healthy only. This is population control done justly, not by the chem trail jets that harm all humans regardless of their habits for or against God.

As humans our desire is to help all, regardless the reason for the defect. This makes us human over being animal. It also has lead to more defective populations, which lead to more and more. The world leaders have struggled with this issue that world war II did not settle, or did it???

Hitler proved his point, his aluminum made zombies of the Polish and after the war, Russia and the USA were the first to further this experimentation with aluminum in the water supply, then the air, then the food... It seemed the better method over hitlers straight out murder of those that did not fit the stock of the farm.

The education that every woman can be made sterile along with poisons in the air/water/food has made it possible to limit the population. While we christians condemed the natives for making war on fellow tribes and we killed the lions/tigers, etc. and made extict most things that were our predators.

In Nature species are controled by predators, by disease, and disaster. The government/church way is with controls.

The controls makes an ill specie.
Nature makes a healthy specie due to survival of the fittest.

We all are so weak, so deformed from our perfection, we all desire the soft and easy way of life. None us live life as we were designed to and our just punishment is dirty air, dirty water, contaminated foods with a body so polluted, so relaxed, that we do not have 30% of the circulation of a human that lives off the land on the foods God provides under the open skies never re-breathing the same air.

We are so far from the truth, so far from nature, the church must HIDE under the deepest secrets; the skelitons of humans that are over 40 feet tall.

This leaves us all in the dark, guessing who is right, what author is lieing, who is telling the truth, just as the church/government planned over 2,000 years ago, keep them in the dark, keep them scrambling, keep them separated. Keep them under control, if you want them to do the work.

WE CRY for the TRUTHS, the very truth that would end all churches, because when the Catholic Church crumbles as the pope predicted 1,600-+ years ago, so will the 2,000+ off shoot churchs. The truths would enlighten us all and as truth rings out, the people would rise to know GOD, once again people would be watching the morning sun, once again our thoughts would turn to GOD and not the love for $$$$$$$$$.

Our feet would be wide and never know socks or shoe, we would shed these things that shod us.

As our Love turned to God, our own jealously would leave.

But God has another plan, his perfect design is to weed out the chaff. Those of us that seem to be hard headed; It seems it is our time to enter the play, make our presence known and do our thing on earth. This is a time reserved for US. Maybe it is like summer school? One last chance to make up what we have not learned before??

Our lives have been made a mystery. Our lives must be played out, it is the way it is for all. Religion adds spice or possibly delays, depending on the way we look at it.

The biggest question about our choice of religion?

Does our thoughts insult GOD?
Does God care"IF" you worship an idol or made up god? Many want to wish that God goes by hundreds of names, so if we call him jesus or anyone of a number of humans that have famous histories, does God care????

That is a question every religious person must deal with one on one with God.

Hopefuly some day people will awaken and see that GOD is within the body they share... This solves the questions of religion once and for all. GOD IS ALL.

Those that kill humans/animals? They kill apart of them selves, perfect science would prove this, because GOD IS ALL.

Thus the reason for sun worship, because science proves that ALL is compressed Sun's Radiation.

Animation comes from a spirit.

Animation means the compressed sun's radiation can move/talk, etc.

Animation comes from GOD.

GOD builds every cell of every living creation of God and God animates these composed cells.

All life is related, all life comes from GOD.


All is ONE, ONE is ALL.

Those who worship jesus are worshipping the sun god, the new year starting December 25th, the celebrated birth date of jesus. The pope changed the sun god into the son of god and was forced to give the birthdate of december 25th the new year, because all the earth were still sun worshipers, regardless how many millions the pope burned to death, but after a few generations of slavery, people soon worshipped the hand that fed them and whipped them.

All the ancient methods were then educated to be pagen/evil their history so perverted no one can figure out the truths of these ancient peoples. Church history makes up so many lies that we are all educated to believe these ancients murdered and slaugtered innocent women and children and the ignorant follow the church blindly and believe what ever is served up.

NEVER EVER ONCE trusting/believing in GOD, does the CHURCH admit GOD is in 100% control. NEVER EVER will this happen, because then, the church will loose control.

Science proves the earth is subjected to more and more radiation and that each generation is more and more sickly. Even the plants and all life forms are adapting to more and more radiation as the earth ends this cycle. It only stands to reason, that man years ago was superior in intellagence and strength. Not to mention ART, we today can't make a fraction of the ART of the ancient generations did. ART is a true signal that they were superior to us.

Authors prior to radio/tv waves were superior in their logic and understanding of truth. Once again use Royal Rife as the example, he started out one of the geniouses of this earth and after 30 years of frequencies his brain was so coorupted he became the town drunk/idiot and his fellow friends went on record of saying Royal Rife was as worthless as tits on a boar.

When the radiation was perfect, we humans were 36-40 feet tall and still managed all the dinosaurs, because God has always made us top predator.

When you ponder who Marry and Joseph were, it can be and endless examination that the church will tell you, it takes FAITH, you must trust the pope did right in the creation of the New testament and you must have faith that the 2,000 + off shoot catholic religions have your best interest at heart, even "IF" all the pastors have special passes at the hospitals and are educated to trust in DRUG USE and the signing over of your house/bank accounts to the church or hospitals.

I have a friend who rents from the oldest/richest doctors in the community who owns along with his doctor sons allot of property/hospital, etc. and this friend walked into a group of old people from the near by retirement home that were bused to this huge doctors home late at night where lawyers/pastors and the ole trusted doctor convinced the old people to sign over their estates/bank accounts. He later learned that that the old people were deprived of sleep until they agreed in the name of Jesus to sign over their wealth. I noticed 2 things: The retirement home in question was for wealthy people only and they all are drugged to the point that they all have altimers symptoms. I use to know young people who worked there and the stories were that thse people did not know who they were. They spent every night separating the old people because most thought they were married to each other.

I see such a strong history of church being Government/pharmacudical committed that it has become so perverted that the people sleep half way through the services and the pastor does not care as long as he numbers ($$$$) are where they think hey should be.

I suggest all who enjoy church, should not ask questions nor should they seek any other source of study other than what their church provides. Otherwise you may find the deepest darkest most evil secrets on the face of this earth's history within the making of the New Testament. To ask about Mary and Joesph you must seek out first if these 2 people were real, or allagory.



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