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Image Embedded Please, someone, help me with this affliction
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Published: 14 years ago

Please, someone, help me with this affliction

I am a 21 year-old avid inventor.. When I was 18 I was a very active bodybuilder. Currently Iím weak, Iím scared, and Iím being tormented by this curse which neither I, nor any medical doctor can identify Ė I have a background in medicine, for I was planning to major in neuroscience; specifically neuropharmacology. Most doctors whom Iíve seen have recommended an antipsychotic medication as soon as I uttered the phrase ďparasite.Ē Iíve been hospitalized for an especially gruesome ordeal which drove me to the brink of madness three months ago, Iíve put my family through hell, and this nightmare continues yet..

This affliction, whatever it is, is driving me to the edge: I want to give up at this stage.. It intermittently reoccurs either at random, or especially when it is aggravated by some triggerÖ It started all of a sudden about four months ago, while I was working late during a full moon. I have no history of mental illness, yet I was put on high doses of antipsychotics after the hospitalization, which doesnít help.

Iíve attached several pictures for you to see, which were taken today (01/11/07).. While it might appear that the marks are merely a rash: the reality is more complex.. These strange arched, fork-tailed marks are seen everywhere on my body (my stomach especially), and they always are accompanied by painful biting, stinging, or throbbing sensations Ė sometimes this is very painful. Furthermore, the position and shapes of these marks changes rapidly, over the course of a few minutes.

See below the pictures of my abdomen:

You can see the marks in the center of my stomach.. On the upper right-hand quadrant, you can see the large ridge which had mysteriously appeared after my hospitalization Ė this happened after taking large (not exorbitant) doses of anti-parasite herbal formulations for about two weeks. This ridge now makes my stomach look deformed..

There are also all these strange scars which appear without a wound to accompany them.. They are seen encircled in several pictures..

This strange purple-patchy anomaly on the back of my arms has been noticed ever since I lost my energy and thus discontinued my workouts when I was 18. This has progressively become worse over timeÖ.

Also, I have oral thrush currently and had developed about a year ago, a very putrid body odor. After taking Diflucan, an antifungal several days ago for the thrush, this smell is now gone.

I donít have diabetes or other known immune deficiencies.

Other symptoms:

Extreme fatigue


Panic attacks

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty sleeping

Puffy eyelids & dark circles

Chronic sinusitis

Unexplained dental deterioration

Suicidal thoughts

Please, can someone tell me what could be responsible for this affliction?


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