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Re: IF URINE THERAPY works, does it mean EVOLUTION OR CREATIONISM. ---- how can something come from nothing ---- the cycle of Urine Therapy
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: IF URINE THERAPY works, does it mean EVOLUTION OR CREATIONISM. ---- how can something come from nothing ---- the cycle of Urine Therapy

I'll talk about God too ---- talk to me about God.

see suppose "urine therapy" works, then the "intelligent design" people will say, "look God has made such a wonderful body he even provided it with its own perfect medicine". Now, sometimes I tell uneducated people that argument ---- but I am an educated scientist, a PhD in Computer Science, a Bachelors from IIT Mumbai/India --- and I say, listen (down to the last level of quantum physics and beyond imagination) when one part throws off residue, the other part learns to make that residue useful to the first part via a chain of conversion and ultimately that which is a residue is becoming useful to the first part.

But I have seen miracles, for them I say, listen, maybe it is an agency from outer space manipulating us ----- and even for urine therapy who knows maybe some agency from outer space sees us drinking our own urine and removes our own diseases.

So Science and medical Science has to go on.
Now, another argument for evolution would be that "the liver removes the heavy metals and the toxins and they are excreted in the faeces" --------- so the waste is the faeces not the URINE. But can anybody tell me the path (via the blood I guess) that the faeces removes toxins from.

I mean, the intestinal walls have to be built and they are constantly eaten up by the stomach walls and are chewed away ---- does that carry away excess toxins. Now, urine therapists claim that the excess toxins go away as DIARRHOEA. I had Diarrhoea for 5 months but now no more diarrhoea. So maybe the urine therapists are right but we still need concrete science. Toxins also go out in the hair and the nails.

Now, it is for the creationnists and the evolutionists to decide that urine therapy is just a slow formation of the "closure of the oceans" in which life evolved --- so it is no PROOF of God/creation/inteligent design.

God is approached thru the mind which says, "how can something come from nothing, even in nothing, there is something, but can we get absolute nothing" -- which led to the super-string theory which Dr S B Khadkikar, retd. head of theoretical physics group, Physics Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad (Pune/India 25898360) explained to me had a problem that the particles had DIMENSIONS which means that by the laws of conversation of momentum, the particles would be drawn apart. So the particles should be points ---- now what is a point it is ZERO magnitude, infinetismally becoming smaller and smaller, and of course therefore you have an INFINITY of points becoming larger and larger in number.

We have from the Persian different names for infinity,
aleph, then aleph_1, then aleph_2, then aleph_3 and so on.
Aleph is the cardinality of the set of natural numbers,
aleph_1 is the cardinality of the set of real numbers (or the power set of natural numbers),
aleph_2 is the cardinality of the set of the power set of natural numbers and so on,

so in Islam, they say God (or the divine consciousness) satisfies all requirements if you pray to Him/(and I say Her too).
Now, there are enough ethereal observers in N * N that can stimulate the thoughts of every observer in N.

Is this sufficient quantum physics integrated with God. (who is forever growing to satisfy all paradoxes).

So what we have is a beautiful world of points of infinetismal magnitude, linked to quantum physics in higher and higher dimensions.

Bosons are particles in 10 dimensional space, because as per S B Khadkikar they are solved by 10 dimensional mathematics projected into the real world.

Now in a little tutorial on quantum physics in TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), I said to the Nobel Laureate Legger (or whoever beginning with L) ---- that don't think in 3 dimensions, think in higher dimensions of a higher dimensional world --- which I guess they are already doing ---- and he said that a beginning can be made of thinking in a higher dimensional world, by thinking of constants in those worlds analogous to the gravitational constant, the speed of light and so on and deciding what will happen

Now, I've written a patent (Bacterial brain) where you teach bacteria how to think by supplying them with nano-particles as tools --- if that comes true, then the bacteria will do all our thinking for us, as robots,

and the doctors freed from Urine Therapy can educate the whole world about love and become gossipers.
Now, of course, you can smoke all the cigarettes you want if you don't get cancer from them (as urine therapy promises)
and you can drink all the alcohol you want (if you don't get addicted to it ---- mix 10% urine in your alcohol)
and the bacterial brain can realize how to make tools to give everybody their own bodies back
and then there is cold fusion using "nano-particles as tools"
so the east is east (holistic measures) and the west is west (technology) and THE TWO HAVE MET.

Remember, Urine therapy stays because Armstrong rediscovered Shivambu Yoga fro the world.


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