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A Probiotic that IS working wonders for ME

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Free Powder Obsoletes Dentists!
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remi96 Views: 3,019
Published: 16 years ago

A Probiotic that IS working wonders for ME

Hi guys,

I have taken a myriad of different products as far as probiotics go. No matter how much I took I never felt any different. I did not really think one was supposed to feel differently. I recently had stool and urine tests done . The stool test which I find to be completely inaccurate , stated that I had lots and lots of healthy bacteria in me. ( yeah right) I scored a 4+ , the highest score. Sounded ridiculous to me. Especially when the same test and the urine test detected plenty of bad bacteria in me to a severe extent and the recommendation...I need lots of probiotics. Go figure. So the tests contradicted themselves. What a waste.

In any case, something may have come out of this. The Dr. I was seeing recommended Florastor ( I was reluctant to take it for several reasons. It contains lactose : ( , it is made of another yeast (not candida) but that sounded weird, and I read the pamphlet stating that it is only a transient yeast in our digestive tract while taking the product. 7-10 days later after you discontinue taking it, it will all be gone. So I figured what was the point. But then the other side of me, the side that feels defeated by this battle gave in and I figured what the heck. It might make me sicker, it might make me better. But if I take no risk I will likely stay where I am.

So , I began taking the probiotic. Again, I felt no different. After about two weeks though things started to change. Although I did not attribute it to the Florastor. Anyway, In the month of January, I began feeling better and for an entire month I was feeling pretty good. I did have lots of die off that made me tired from time to time but that was it. No other symptoms, or very minor. I began to notice a difference in my stool. As I felt better I was becoming regular. With a perfect bowel movement each morning. Predictable movement, with no pain. It was really the definition of a perfect bowel movement. Perfect size, no odor, perfect color. And the I was feeling better. I have noticed a correlation between the way I feel and my bowel movement. It is clear to me now that most likely my digestion in my colon left alot to be desired. with slow transit, bad odor, gas, bloating etc. I believe this is mostly occuring at the very beginning of the colon. There seems to be a really large congregation of candida there and it the slow digestion is eithr causing candida, or tha candida is causing the slow digestion.

I have done everything to try to correct this. Magnesium, tons of water ( which actually works to my disadvantage because it is watering down my already low electrolytes ) fiber shakes, and tons of leafy greens. I also walk miles everyday. How is it possible I could have slow digestion? I also gained about 6 lbs in the last weeks. But this seems to be the key to not feeling well for me. Is it because of toxins as the candida feed? Or could it be lack of digestion causing my body to not absorb minerals. I think it is the toxins.

Anywsy, I recently stopped taking the Florastor in the last two weeks and low and behold my bowels have slowed, I am constipated again, my bowel movement also has a bad odor, I am, bloated etc. Basically my bowel movement went right back to what it was before I began taking the product. So I am back on it. It will most likely take a week or two to build it back up.

My feeling is that it is greatly aiding in digestion. Having a healthy bowel movement everyday is keeping my bowels cleaner and allowing me to get at the candida. But when the bowels slow down, it causes me to lose ground. So I think I will need to be on it for awhile.

It is expensive, 35$ for 50 capsules. But so far , the results seem miraculous.


Florastor has been studied in recurring yeast infections (Candida) and has shown to be 60-70% effective. The yeast that most people develop allergies to is pathogenic yeast. Saccharomyces boulardii lyo is non-pathogenic yeast. As with any product, consult your health care professional before taking Florastor.


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