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adverse effects of iodine supplementation
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Published: 15 years ago

adverse effects of iodine supplementation

people should be afraid. very afraid. IF they are taking any medications.

anyone seeking their own help with health matters soon learns that natural/alternative and allopathy dont mix. self health is all about growing up and taking responsibilty for what goes in and on and comes out of your body.

its no joke. the pharmedicorps do all of their studies on people who are Iodine deficient. this makes Iodine a wild card. and in my oppinion, the most dangerous therapy i have come across. it makes intravenous hydrogen peroxide look like trading and eating those little candy hearts with the messages on them.

for example, ssri's take a while to build up in the system. a small dose is given each day, but that dose takes many days or weeks to leave the system. each day the little dose is given, the body burden increases until it levels off and finds equilibrium with the dosage and the rate of metabolism and excretion. this means there are actually many days dosage all at once in the body at various stages of its life there. if it is a fluoridated med, it could be disrupted and mobilized in a very short peiod of time and cause a massive overdose.

this is the concern of medicos, both MD and ND. its not that Iodine is so dangerous, its that the world we live in is. this is why V and grz and i who have been free for a long period of time of any medications are able to do these things without major adverse side effects. someone like high on water will do fine because she is cautious, as well she should be. but she is only on thyroid meds and we have documents addressing that from MD's. antideppressants, blood pressure, cholesterol, MS, ED, and other medications could provide more of a ride when mixed with iodine than most people want to take, up to and including possibly the last ride.

the mad scientists who make the drugs of today are changing body chemistry to suit themselves. when they do this, the person taking their drugs are no longer chemically human. i will never understand how people became so cavalier about taking drugs just because some educated authority figure told them to and because it is legal. most common illicit drugs are much safer, including pure cocaine and pure heroin. much, much safer.

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