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Published: 14 years ago
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5th day cleanse results!

Well, if I ever had any doubts that everyone is in need of a parasite cleanse, they have been removed. Day five and very exciting results indeed.
I decided to post these after humaworm was kind enough to identify the first pic for me through email. I have read and read where people asked about certain things they were seeing. describing them as chunks, tomotoe pieces, pink, red, ect. well, here is the same thing they have been asking about and identified as liver flukes(only shows a few, out of about 30 or more.) There is also what appears to be a small tapeworm segment also and a larger one beside it very dark. The first picture though does not let you see that one of the smaller items is not the same thing as the other liver flukes. it was more of a yellow color in size, very hard and reminded me of a peanut broke in half. I am assuming that also is another stage of the liver fluke. The last picture shows one of these closer up and also what appears to be ascaris(roundworm)only one of these I had to see thank goodness! wow, can I say I'm stunned to discover I was so full of so many different parasites and these only being the ones I could see!

I have really been doing a lot of reflecting on my illnesses and the causes of them since starting this. I was once told that psoriaisis was due to poor liver function. I wasn't trying to fix the psoriasis actually, when I came here, but was having gallbladder attacks and the liver flush not only releived it, but began the psoriasis to heal. I now see that I had liver flukes, "had" being the important word here thanks to humaworm and yes, in the last few days, I have seen even more of my psoriasis clear! I keep thinking that if only I had listened more closely to that kind man that told me my problem was of the liver, I might have ended up here much sooner and be posting to you already cured.
I've always considered myself a bit obsessive with hygeine. I always thought being that way would prevent these types of things. I cannot count the amount of time I have spent avoiding or cleaning public restrooms, before I can even bring myself to use them, thinking, I don't want to pick anything up! Hand washing and hand washing. But still, here they are. I could take the easy route out and say, I have traveled numerous times to a third world country, BUT in reality, I know these came homegrown USA. I also could have gotten some of them on river float trips as I have seen some very very disturbing water qualty on those, BUt really, I'm not one to be dunking my head or drinking from them. No, it's very clear to me now, they are all around us, in so many forms, not even MONK himself could avoid them.
ps had to add an o to my name, curezone suddenly didn't recall me after the little blackout so I had to sign up again.

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