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Kidney Fomentations - Repost
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Published: 14 years ago
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Kidney Fomentations - Repost

This was posted a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, don't remember the posters name.
I tried it a few days ago and it worked great! My kidney aches disappeared immediately, returning at a much lower level 2 days later. Time to repeat!


Kidney Fomentations

I work at an alternative therapy clinic. (Though Iodine is not part of their protocols yet. Once I am farther down the road with the Iodine I will share with them.) Anyway, in addition to taking sodium/potassium chloride to help kidneys eliminate halogens, there is another way to naturally treat the kidneys that will help with elimination in general and definitely help with things like heavy metals that might otherwise be cumbersome to the kidneys. It is using hot and cold fomentations over the kidneys. It is a form of hydrotherapy. It works marvelously! I recommend that you do it over the liver and kidneys at the same time, as both organs are the main blood purifying organs in the body.

How You Do It:
If you are doing the contrast fomentations on yourself rather than someone doing it for you, then you are going to do them either standing up or sitting. I take 2 bath towels folded in quarters and wet them under the faucet (cold water), wring them out, and put one in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on the strength of your microwave and its size. Leave the other folded on the edge of the sink. Remove towel from microwave. The first time you heat the towel it takes the longest. After that you are re-heating from warm to hot and it may take only a minute or so.

Apply hot towel over bare skin. the liver is located at the bottom of your rib cage on the right, front side and the kidneys are located at the bottom of your rib cage in back, one to the left of your spine and one to the right. Fold your towel so it will reach from midline of your body in front, wrapping around your right side and across your back along the bottom of the ribs. If towel is too hot, fan /wave it in the air for a couple of seconds and then try holding it next to your skin again. Hold there for 3 minutes. (I set my kitchen timer). Then put back in the microwave for 1 - 1.5 minutes. Grab the cold wet wrung out towel from the edge of the kitchen sink and wrap around just like the hot towel was and hold there for 30-40 seconds. Then take off, wave in the air a couple of times and fold on the edge of the kitchen sink. By this time the microwave will announce that it is done cooking the hot towel. Apply hot towel over the liver and kidneys and hold there 3 minutes. Then repeat above steps.

You need to apply heat for 3 minutes, then cold for 30-40 seconds for 6 repetitions of both. Always end with cold! This helps clear any debris that is clogging the liver and kidneys and they are suddenly able to process toxins MUCH more effectively. We see clients lower their blood pressure as well as get off blood pressure medication with this. We see clients suddenly able to process toxins with this. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg documented and developed to a fine art this procedure in the late 1800s.


Yes, you can heat in a pot of hot water on the stove or, if you have the large, 15 inch rectangle shaped electric skillet from Wal-mart, you can heat in that using a low setting. The disadvantage to using hot water in pot or electric skillet is that you have to re-wring out the towel every repetition. For women in particular, this can be hard as it takes some strength. I own a microwave specifically for heating towels for hydrotherapy. I make sure I don't stand within 6-8 ft of it when it is operating, and I never use in connection with food, or even heat water for tea in it. Microwaves should never be used for anything you are going to consume via your mouth. But they do well for hydrotherapy or heating rice bags (used like hot water bottles).


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