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(old) I'm Impressed! RN by #10831
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Published: 14 years ago
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(old) I'm Impressed! RN by #10831

It fully appears that we are built with the best possible blood purification system imaginable-- but the purifying active ingredient has been removed from us.

A French chemist discovered a violet vapor escaping from seaweed when he poured a little too much sulfuric acid on it.

This was found to be a substance with such a naturally powerful antiseptic quality that it is the antiseptic of choice before any number of surgeries performed. It is incredibly cheap costing only pennies, and has the antiseptic purifying capabilities of the most expensive ultraviolet/ozone purification systems used in the very best hot tubs, aquariums and pools.

Turns out it is a component of a balanced body and is supposed actually make up the greater part of our immune system -- but that has been displaced out of the receptor sites by the addition of Fluorines/Fluorides (Water), Chlorines(Water), Bromines(put in Flour) either without your knowledge and/or consent.

All blood in the body is designed to pass through a full 1.5 grams of this powerful natural 'antiseptic' named after the greek word for 'Violet' called 'IODINE'.

Yes -- all blood in the body is designed to pass through a full 1.5 grams of this powerful natural 'antiseptic' in the thyroid gland and the iodine in the muscles and breasts. Hospitals simply paint the skin prior to surgery with iodine and in 90 seconds the area free of more than 90% of pathogens.

We are designed to be continually and naturally purified by a violet concentrate substance similar to the ultraviolet/ozone purification systems in the very best hot tubs, aquariums and pools.

All cancers, tumors, are preceded by the cyst stage, and no cyst can develop in an iodine purified bio-system with enough iodine present.

All fibroids, all cysts, all cancers in the breasts, the prostate, or anywhere else are found to be fully prevented and even reversed with the restoration of the normal levels of Iodine both in the Thyroid, and in the body tissues as a normal background saturation level.

Which bring us also to the subject of Liver + Gall Bladder Cleanses...

Why do stones develop in the first place -- or and/or redevelop after cleanses?

Q: What is at the core of each stone?

A: Bacterias, Viruses, Nanobacterias like those that are being traced as the actual cause and causing hardening of the arteries (arterial calcified coral-like plaque-- see "The Calcium Bomb") These gather a shell of cholesterol-- or are encased in same by the body to sequester them away to do less harm and stunt their reproduction.

Logical conclusions:

Stones develop/redevelop because:

Iodine -- which should've taken care of these pathogens in the first place is lacking in the system.
Iodine -- which automatically undoes the clogging and pathogens in all their stages of colonization, and the disease as a whole is lacking in the system.
Iodine -- is so vital a component to the total immune system of the body, that what we think of as our "Immune System" is not even supposed to be constantly overstressed and fighting for the life and health of the system-- but simply a 'back up' to the iodine purification system.

I've personally pulled a couple of quarter sized stones painlessly with Liver Gall Bladder cleanses, but I am now convinced that with restoration of ideal iodine levels the stone formation cycle is cured.

I think and conclude that the immune system purification functioning afforded by restoring sufficient iodine levels is so important that it is prerequisite to doing any cleanses and especially string of cleanses, in order to have the benefit of the greatest amount of cleanse with the least amount of poisoning/toxic shock/sepsis of/to the system.

If you'd like to show your support for this line of thinking being shared elsewhere at Curezone -- I also posted a similar discussion at the relevant forum.

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