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Re: (old) Re: Perspective! The REAL Side-Effects RN by unyquity
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: (old) Re: Perspective! The REAL Side-Effects RN by unyquity

Well, since everybody knows I'm a "calls 'em as I sees 'em" kinda gal...AND because I am upset by your response (as it is FULL of emotional rhetoric but VOID of facts), I will reply as concisely and as factually (and non-emotionally) as I know how to respond.

And no, I'm not going to "pounce on you like an angry tiger" (although predisposing people to feel that a factual rebuttal of your emotional statements is like being pounced on by an angry tiger, is certainly a good debate works especially well on women).

You said: >>>Hey U, not to dispute what you have to say, nor quelch any enthusiasm<<

But your intent was fully & obviously to dispute what I said, and that's exactly what you did. Sadly, you may have both instilled fear as well as validated fear already present...and you did it without ANY supporting evidence.

>>> but we are not ALL depleted in Iodine.<<< Forgive me for taking a 5% "liberty". It has been shown than 95% ARE depleted in Iodine (with adequate research & no bias). Unless the other 5% have lived on another planet, they have amassed amounts of fluoride & bromine and heavy metals and could benefit from iodine supplementation in that regard Generally speaking it is usually acceptable to say "all" when speaking of 95%.

>>I fear it might lead people into wrong directions.<< What possibly wrong direction is there in replenishing your body with a substance that it desperately needs? If you don't mind, please support your statements with a bit of valid truth & evidence. --->>>Please cite the irreversable damage incurred by the patients of doctors who are versed in iodine therapy...from ingesting 50mg of iodine daily to obtain suffiency.<---
I have already presented (from the research & evidence supplied by Abraham, Flechas, Brownstein, et al) the permanent damage that millions experience from a lack of iodine. Death by cancer is pretty permanent.

>>>but we need to be smart about this<<< Being smart (by most people's standards) is researching fully and then giving your body what it needs to function properly, remove toxic chemicals & heavy metals and prevent illness. Giving your body LESS than what your body needs to function simply because you don't care for the temporary effects it brings, seems to be the opposite of smart.

>>>Those symptoms I felt (such as my heart beating in my teeth, and very fast) were not normal. I felt that something is amiss.<<<

Temporary heart fluctuations have been experienced by several on CZ (including myself). I feel mine in my teeth and my ears (my whole head, in fact). If you'll read the information here:

you will see that adequate iodine PREVENTS abnormal heart rhythms once enough Iodine has been ingested. It is only natural/expected that in doing so, the heart may speed up or slow down temporarily until the body has a chance to normalize and heal (as it does with almost all cardiac treatments). Yes, of course it's something to note & keep watch on, but after you read all the information available, you can clearly see there's no cause for panic or alarm.

>>>For me, I'm going to get a blood test to confirm Iodine depletion.<<<

I truly do hope you find a rare allopath that will consider ordering the proper test, and not just lecture you on the harm of iodine supplementation; as you're well aware, the allopathic world is full of fear about iodine. It would seem that going to someone that you know has been taught to avoid iodine is not one whom you should seek to alleviate your fears, or find the truth about iodine But hey, whatever creams yer twinkie.

>>>I'm also going to have my thyroid checked. I'm going to an allopathic, and will use the information accordingly.<<<

Again, I'm assuming you've researched this fully enough to understand that the typical thyroid function tests do NOT reveal an absence of thyroid hormones or iodine insufficiency, even when they are present. The body utilizes the fluoride/bromine that has displaced the iodine to create a level that shows "normal" on the typical tests...even when the thyroid is functioning poorly because of a lack of iodine. Please Molly (puhLEEZ), do be careful here...and remember, these are the same said doctors that will inject a child with mercury laden vaccines, carve out gallbladders, cut off breasts and other organs unneccesarily, bombard dying people with chemotherapy & radiation, all the while teling them that they're doing 'what HAS to be done'.

Molly (and everyone), I have a different perspective than most. My mother in law was told in the 70's that she was going to die with terminal liver cancer and that no treatment would halt the progression of it. She was cancer free (attended Dr. Kelley's clinic) in less than six months. I worked at a hospice for several years; I have seen horrors from chemotherapy & radiation that no human should ever have to see or suffer through. My husband has cured himself of PID, COPD, and ADHD; I cured myself of almost two decades worth of severe depression, obesity & PCOS...along with almost ALL the symptoms and diseases that are associated...hypertension, abnormal blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc. I know what it's like to be sick; I know how hard it is to admit how deeply I've been misled; I know how hard it is to sit with a medical dictionary studying articles on iodine supplementation for hours so that I can understand and comprehend the things that come so easily to others. Had I listened to allopathic/western medicine, I would now be 47 years old, morbidly obese and taking several different mind-altering antidepressants; Ritalin or Provigil for energy; cholesterol lowering drugs; insulin; blood pressure meds; steroids for the lipomas (the ONLY thing I have left to beat), and all manner of drugs to counteract the side effects of those drugs. In almost 11 years of marriage, my husband and I have TWO colds and one bout of flu between us...and those were preventable, we simply slipped up and thought we could wait for the Vitamin C/echinacea until the next morning. Oh yes, we both still wear glasses, but you can betcha they'll be gone as soon as we're iodine sufficient (we've already seen positive vision changes in 10 days) and we've found the time to complete the Bates Vision Course.

Sigh, we didn't accomplish these things by being timid or fearful (or by being undereducated/researched); we did them all (and experienced all the herxheimer syndromes associated) sometimes painfully and frustratingly,...BUT WE NEVER DID THEM WITH FEAR OR TREPIDATION! It's only a lack of knowledge that inspires fear...and I do not fault those that have not the time nor resources to learn the truth. But I do fault those whose lack of knowledge (and the fear they have because of it) implant fear in others.

>>>We have to be sensible<<< I am being sensible; my post was VERY sensible.

>>>But I've lived long enough to know that when I do play around with something as potent as this...I'm going to make sure that my body does need it/want it.<<<

Absolutely agreed; if you're not sure your body needs or wants something, you shouldn't be playing around with it. Please STOP "playing around with it" and learn enough about your body to know what you're doing BEFORE you start putting something IN your body.

>>>I don't completely buy all the "herxing" stuff.<<< I apologize for the unneccessary emotion of my next statement, because it CERTAINLY is not needed (but I can't help myself)...
Jeez-LouEEZ, you don't "buy" herxheimers reactions?! If you don't, you can't possibly understand what they are or how/why they occur ...and why hundreds/thousands of healers & millions of people around the world recognize it a completely valid occurence. You don't believe in Herxheimer's reactions and you're going to an allopathic doctor to alleviate your fears about iodine supplementation, yet you feel comfortable telling me and others "We have to be sensible." ???

>>>I love you all and respect you, I have to say this because part of this whole support system is to exchange feelings and ideas, and side effects, symptoms, fears etc.<<< MY SENTIMENTS, EXACTLY!

And I would add, because I do love you all and respect you all, I want to be SURE that absolutely NO one deprives themselves of an element their body needs because of fear caused by misinformation. Please everyone, listen to your body carefully and read & educate yourselves as to how iodine is going to affect each organ of your body...and EXPECT to see and feel the effects of the iodine being normalized throughout your body AND the effects of the toxins being released as they make their way OUT of your body. This is not about emotion (except the celebrating kind!); this is about education, knowledge, understanding and the ultimate health of your body. If you feel fearful or scared, DON'T DO IT!!


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