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(old)Re: Would someone please post protocol BSA by wombat
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Published: 14 years ago
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(old)Re: Would someone please post protocol BSA by wombat

   Hi, Julie! Yes this forum is growing rapidly and since it is not a support forum(yet!) there is no specified protocal. I've been going through the posts and have some links that I believe to contain important info. I'm sure that there are more that others would like to add.

These two radio programs contain some incredibly important info. Do make time to listen to them, these are "must listens".

Interview w/ Dr. Flescha:

Interview w/Dr. Blaylock:


The term "Halogen Imbalance Syndrome" was coined on this board by, I believe, Vulcanel:

Halogen Imbalance Syndrome (HIS) is a real phenomenon, which deals not only with whether we are short in iodine (which most are), but rather with a more holistic view that the body is more healthy when there is a proper balance of iodine, bromine, chlorine and fluoride in the body.

The term H.I.S. was first coined on this board, about two weeks ago. HIS is an underlying condition, which causes many forms of dis-ease.

People are always well informed and somethimes even hung up on calcium, magnesium, potassium supplements, etc. as relieving them from leg cramps, insomnia, etc. ; yet they completely ignore the four halogens in their lives, which reside on the other side of the periodic table. The main reason for this is that most people are programmed how to think by the Big Media moguls, who control what is printed and broadcast.

Ca, Mg et cet. are all electropositive elements, whereas the halogens Fluorine (F), Bromine(Br), Chlorine (Cl), Iodine ( I ) are all electronegative, with fluorine being the most electronegative, and most reactive) of all elements in the periodic table. Every day people drink tons of fluoride, bromide, and chloride in this country and globally. Yet, there is an iodine shortage. And chlorine, bromine, and fluorine can all take up residence in body tissues where iodine is normally supposed to be, because they are in the same element family in the periodic table, and have identical outer electron structures.

To ignore the electronegative elements and focus only on the electropositive is a huge mistake.

Consuming elevated quantities of iodine in the short term can flush out excesses of fluorides, bromide, and chloride that are present in many body tissues. It can in many cases be desirable to eliminate the overpopulation of undesirable halogens, and put back the iodine where it needs to be. Once this is done, one only needs avoid fluoride and bromides, and continue on maintenance doses of iodine.

We have seen dramatic improvements in symptoms of many people who supplement with iodine, here on the web, and also from literature, and randomized, double-blind studies. I will not be surprised at reading of more great stories and look forward to it.


Now, as far as Halogen Imbalance Syndrome goes, a few members here are on a protocal to correct that. Do read posts of Vulcanel's, Newport's, Grz's & Trapper's. Especially read Vulcanel's posts:)(all of them)!

Here is a link as to Newport's current protocal:

And a link to Vulcanel's:

Here's a good post by Infinitelove re: Iodine therapy:


A post by Vulcanel re: Diatomic Iodine treatment for fibrocystic breast disease:

and another on the same subject:


A post by Grz., contains a short Video clip on breast & prostate cancer & iodine therapy:


A post by Newport on ortioiodine supplementation:

I hope that this helps you get started! Lot of info in a short amount of time here! :)


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