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DETOX reactions---Question for Moreless.
ksbradley Views: 1,277
Published: 14 years ago

DETOX reactions---Question for Moreless.

Hello Moreless.
First off---I want to say that i admire a lot of your knowledge in the field of natural health--and appreciate what you bring here for people.
I want to touch base on DETOX and it's reactions.
I know a LOT of people have symptoms of illness, flulike, etc.. when they are detoxing--and you have said time and time again that this is not normal--nor a good thing.
I can see some of where you are coming from--but differ with a couple things as well--and want to have you clear up a few things--as I am afraid that you might scare people off of following through on their cleanse after a day or two of not feeling "100%".
Now lets say that You are in 'Perfect' health. Great. If that was the case than I would agree that detox Symptoms should not be a bothersome thing, and you should never feel anyhting at all.
The problem is that 99.9% of the public is not in 'Perfect' health.
For those 99.9% that either have the odd ache or pain, the odd cramp, digestive issues, headaches, psoriasis, fatigue, thyroid or other organ issues that they may ahve been 'born' with, etcc.. they will have what we all agree would be "TOXINS" in their body. Right?
We all know that a liver is a filtration system of our body, and that it stores things for use by the body. It has been theorised over and over that the liver will take what is ingested--say a chemical that is inhaled or a food additive that is ingested or whatever--and if it does not recognize it, it will store it for when the body may be able to use it..whic is never. Well, our fat adipose tissue and lymph nodes also tend to collect these 'toxins'.
When we are cleansing, weather it be a liver flush, a kidney cleanse or whatever--the goal is to "RELEASE" these toxins. For example--the kidney will take these released toxins and try and filter them to expel. But some people will release and have symptoms(temporarily) that seem bad.
Take for example--the famous drug detox by l.ron hubbard in 'clear body, clear mind'. He uses a whole body cleanse with vitamins, organic diet, and heavy sweating through the use of an infrared sauna.
Thousands of people that have done this cleanse at clinics around the world have experienced very intense detox symptoms, mostly of "OLD" toxind being released. Cocaine addicts that have not taken drugs for 5 plus years, have gone into full blown "Highs" from the re-circulation of these.

Now, dont get me wrong---I am in NO way trying to debate or argue with you on your views. I just want you to give some insight as to why you feel this would happen then to many thousands of people. And if we are releasing these toxins it is a good thing...and I am just afrraid that people will be on day 3 of their cleanse and give up because they feel a little light headed or tired.

Thanks....and Happy Easter!!!


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