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Re: Dentist visit - Put it off

Free Powder Obsoletes Dentists!
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Free Powder Obsoletes Dentists!
This Powder will put Dentists out of Work!

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Dentist visit - Put it off

I'll give some intro material here against root canals and then mention my experience with OP.

George Meinig was a dentist who helped pioneer root canal procedures and he came out against it and wrote a book about the cover-up of its dangers by the ADA.

... Most dentists and endodontists in America are probably unaware of the documented relationship between root-canalled teeth and degenerative disease. Until recently, I was also unaware of the 25 years of research done in the early 1900s under the auspices of the American Dental Association ó research that was subsequently covered up. This research, which was carried out by the late Dr. Weston Price and sixty of the leading scientists of his time, is outlined in detail by Dr. George Meinig in the book root canal Cover-Up

Root Canals: Root canal-treated teeth are proving to be almost always infected, and the toxins that have been isolated from them are often incredibly potent. Some researchers claim there is a strong relation between the presence of root canals and the development of cancer and heart disease. It appears that the longer root canal-treated teeth stay in the body, the more the immune system becomes compromised.

In 96 I was having a lot of health problems and my reading in search of cures led me to read Dr. Huggins' book about Amalgam fillings, called It's All in Your Head. I found that my symptoms seemed to be what MS people get initially and he said it's often due to mercury poisoning, such as from amalgams. I found out that I had to return to eating some animal products and I got my fillings replaced, but the dentist had to check the electric current in each quadrant of the mouth and remove the fillings in a proper order. I had 6 fillings and decided to get them all replaced in one visit. My symptoms started to subside soon after that.

I hadn't gone to a dentist for 16 years before that. I had had a vegan diet and I thought my diet would prevent health problems. I'd had tooth aches and jaw pains for 6 years before 1996 and, when I finally went to the dentist to replace my 6 fillings, I found that I had 3 or 4 abscessed molars. I haven't gone to a dentist since 96, but I haven't had as much trouble with tooth or jaw aches. I learned that infections from fillings and other dental treatments tend to spread through the body, but I didn't know of an effective treatment for this infection until last month, when I started OP. I had tried using herbs, like garlic and spearmint oil, on my tooth and gum pains, but that never reached the underlying infection. But OP definitely seems to be removing my infections. I've had 2 blisters on my gum near 2 infected molars for several years or longer. They seem to form from gases from the bacteria around the tooth roots, apparently along with lymph secretions. These blisters have shrunk a lot since I started OP. So it seems the bacteria must be mostly gone. My gums are no longer tender and they don't bleed when I brush. The first 2 nights after I started OP I had 2 consecutive toothaches, which I alleviated with raw garlic, but none since then.

If I do get any more symptoms, I'll assume it may be a temporary healing crisis, unless it keeps recurring. If I remain symptom-free, I'm thinking of getting a dental x-ray in a few months to see if the abscesses are gone.

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