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Re: why did you "have to resume eating animal products"? n/m
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: why did you "have to resume eating animal products"? n/m

Dr. Huggins, the dentist who wrote about mercury fillings, said he found that vegans who ate no animal products never recovered from the mercury poisoning symptoms, even after replacing the fillings. He said the same about those whose fillings weren't removed in a certain order according to the amount of electric current in each quadrant.

I had been vegan for 20 years, but he sounded like he was knowledgeable, so I started eating eggs at that time, in 96. I also started having more spirulina. I improved a lot for a few years, but then I started to have fatigue again, so I thought I may need to have meat, so I had a little Arctic salmon for a year, maybe a pound or 2 a week. That was supposed to have very little mercury contamination. But symptoms seemed to get worse after a year, so I suspected I may be getting too much mercury from the salmon. So I switched to chicken and turkey. I also switched from spirulina to chlorella, because Dr. Mercola said chlorella helped remove mercury.

Dr. Huggins had said that mercury binds to hemoglobin and thyroid hormone etc and can stay in the body a long time, maybe in fat cells too, so I figured I probably still had mercury in my system. Maybe 5 years ago I also started eating my eggs raw. I've never tried them straight, but always blended with cream, kefir etc. Drs. Mercola, Douglass, Bruce West and maybe others had recommended raw eggs, so I tried it. Dr. Huggins had said that foods designed for the next generation, which is the case with eggs, dairy and sprouts, are especially nutritious. I started eating pastured poultry last year because it has a high omega-3 content. When I run out of that, I'm thinking of getting off meat again and just rely on eggs and kefir for my animal products.

Mary Enig said, in Oiling of America probably, that vegans tend to develop allergies and other health problems, partly from insufficient healthy fats in the diet, which cause Leaky Gut Syndrome, which leads to the allergies. That seemed to be true of me. I used to be able to eat tomatoes, peppers, breweers' yeast, vinegar etc, but after being vegan for 20 years those things all gave me hives and the like. Mercola, West, Douglass et al also say vegan diet isn't sufficient.

Dr. Richard Schulze is the only one I know of who still says vegan is the healthiest diet. I think Dr. Norman Walker was vegan and he lived to be 106, but I don't know how many years he was vegan. He was said to subsist mostly on veg juice, which he made with his NorWal juicer that didn't oxygenate the juice. So, I'm open to the possibility that vegan may be found to be healthy somehow, but I'm doing better with animal products than I was when I was vegan. But I do hate to be dependent on eating animals themselves, so I hope to be able to give that up again soon.

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