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Re: This IS my personal experience about my purchase & return of Humaworm.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: This IS my personal experience about my purchase & return of Humaworm.


Did you have scattering when using Humaworm? If so , I think this would happen with any dewormer -- unless it was a very weak watered-down dewormer that hardly kills any worms anyway.

I'm wondering if maybe those who have this situation may benefit from also using a Zapper-- and also raw garlic.

Once- 2 years ago (time sure flies!) I got the smaller zapper model for $10.00 from parazapper, and noticed that while using it I was experiencing stings and little zaps in my chin area-- in the tissue membranes inside my cheeks.

Now the interesting thing is that during past dental exams, the dentist would wonder at why I had two white long worm-like "scars" near my gumline. (This was years before all my silver metal fillings were replaced) He would shrug his shoulders and just assume they were some wierd scars from me maybe grinding my teeth.

Well after using the Zapper , I felt stings in those areas.

After doing a month of parasite cleansing for the first time- I noticed that the "white" line scars were no longer there-- and the mouth tissue in that area was healing. These could have been parasites that had ended up in my face area and remained there for years! I had NEVER done a parasite cleanse- and still had these white things in my cheeks. I also had sinus parasites for years-- and they ended up behind my eyes as well. My vision stinks, by the way.
So the scattering happened wether or not I used a parasite cleanse- and it had been going on for years. Also- I never ate raw garlic until I started my first herbal parasite cleanses.

I think parasites scatter when you do have a heavy infestation.

It would be to your benefit, I feel, to get a zapper in your situation.
and start using it for stray parasites as well as to re-order Humaworm again and use that too in conjuction While parasite cleansing.
You may have greater die-off symptoms because of it, but then you could also do some Sea Salt /distilled water enemas or other colon cleansing (or a colonic) while also increasing your water intake daily to compensate.

But you should always do a maintenance parasite cleanse in some form-- and Humaworm is one of the good dewormers, so maybe you should reconsider use it. and just use the zapper while keeping your colon empty to prevent increased die-off.

Humworm IS still killing parasites in me -even after I ended using it on March 30. Some of the herbs remain in the blood stream- and slowly kill any worms that were already in areas of the body outside of the intestines before the cleanse. Nothing escapes- though they may try to.

What I just noticed this afternoon was some dead thread-like white larvea size worms in my urine. I increased my fluid intake this week- and these must have been quietly hanging around in my kidneys! My kidneys and liver are feeling great. I really reccomend Humaworm.

A zapper may help you with any scattering concerns! :-)

Hang in there and don't be discouraged!


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