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Re: Killing parasites & reproduction
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Killing parasites & reproduction

HA~! Yes, I have taken more than a few people to their
first health food store experience and that is fun.
You would be bored with my grocery shopping. Veggies
and rice and lots of little bulk baggies full of goodies.
I buy organics when possible and practical. I buy bulk
as much as possible too. My choices are limited where I
live but if you live near a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats,
now those are places to wander about in. I miss places
like that with great juice bars and hot food which is
good for you.

I am not planting a garden this year, except for wheatgrass
and some sprouts inside. I am sharing a garden this year and
letting mine rest, mainly because we are in transition here
and packing and such. My neighbor is not into leaf lettuces
though so I will most likely plant some of those since I sure
like a lunch of tender greens. As time goes by and the big
corporations begin to spray our food more, I will be growing
more of my own or going to farmers markets and buying from
others who are growing organically.

I do not know if my naturopath has siblings. She has a son
and a husband but if she has family, most likely they are
still in Canada where she is from. Here is some additional
info on her~~

I would also like to say that I have, in the past, put a lot
of faith in allopathic medicine and that certainly it has its
place. However, I have a chemistry that is unique enough that
as one specialist said, "we can throw everything we have at
you and you will still die". I almost did, over and over, until
I finally rebelled and beginning with acupuncture and a lot
of help from a friend who was a homeopath, I transitioned
into embracing prevention and amping my immune system so it
could heal more effectively. The immune system is where it
is at. There are more than a few ways to check out your
progress too, from iridology, reflexology, acupuncture, hair
samples as well as general appearance of tongue, eyes, hair,
etc. I would like to encourage all those who seek health to
keep educating themselves and once you rid yourself of the
freeloaders such as yeast/candida and parasites, you can
use herbs to heal and strengthen the organs. I have seen in
myself and others remarkable healing. The tragedy is that, in
our culture of instant gratification, healing is too often
associated with the cessation of symptoms and there is a
lacking of understanding about die-off and the process of
detoxing/healing where often you feel really rough before you
feel better and yet, the end product is health. When symptoms
are suppressed or diminished using pain killers etc., you deaden
the body's alarm but the underlying issues still persist.

Fortunately, we have an online community here where we can
share and compare and pick and choose to take our health
choices upon ourselves and really improve the quality of
our lives. The holistic route takes time and for someone like
me whose body does not react like the majority of others,
it is a life saving effort. Each of us is unique. Each of
us brings the challenges of our past and our genetic makeup
to our healing work. I would encourage any and all to keep
looking for answers to your own issues. It took me years
to come back to balance but one day, I woke up and it was
the day. I had arrived at well-being. I just knew it. The
rest of my journey is maintaining my progress and building
on it. Just as you cannot clean your house and expect it
to stay that way, body maintenance must be kept up. It is
empowering to shoulder the responsibility of one's own health
and as much as I always hoped doctors would be the solution
to my own health challenges, now I am the one who must do
the research and do the treatments and protocols which will
keep me headed in the direction of wellness. I accept this
and have found joy and peace in finding my own way. I trust
myself and my body and that has made all the difference...

I wish you success in your own journey~~

peace & blessings,



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