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Sugar Intolerance & Kefir
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Published: 13 years ago
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Sugar Intolerance & Kefir

Avoid all wheat products and all disaccharides at least for a month or more. Fruit and vegetable sugars are mostly okay, because they're mostly monosaccharides. Take digestive enzymes. Kefir, similar to yogurt, is a great source of enzymes that reproduces itself from milk. You can get kefir grains from health food stores or from

Here's what 2 websites have on Sugar intolerance.

The insidious thing about gluten intolerance is that it creates a Sugar intolerance because when gluten intolerant people eat gluten containing foods, the brush border cells of the jejunum [small intestine] are injured and thus unable to secrete the disaccharidases ([enzymes:] sucrase, lactase and maltase) leading to Sugar intolerance. The problems discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg.

sugar intolerance - jock - australia
i am sugar intolerant, am looking for help to over-come this if possable. have not found any information to date, or any medication. Can you help..

Re:sugar intolerance - Timothy Long - []
This really is not a problem at all. I will just list what works for other people with this problem. Pan, Svg shorterm if severe, Kdy short term if severe, and go through a few bottles of SmI to clear up your intestines of yeast and to help digest carbohydrates. Pan is the most important thing for longterm. It breaks down the carbs and sugars so that your body can deal with them. And of course, cut down on all sugars, junk foods, simple carbohydrates, grain products and the like.

Everyone should avoid processed sugar, corn syrup, etc. Most sugar intolerance is caused by the same problem that causes wheat intolerance, allergic reactions, colitis, irritable bowel, fatigue, headaches, and many of the symptoms written about in the emails above. The problem is a weak pancreas and lack of enzymes to digest your food. The thing to do is, add digestive enzymes to your diet. Therazyme Pan, also known as Chirozyme Pan is the best formula. It has the proper enzymes to break down the sugars and carbohydrates in your food. People with weight problems also recieve great results by taking these digestive enzymes with their meals. It is best to take them at the very start of your meals. Of course you need to cut back the junk food and sugar intake, and any other foods that cause you reactions. Once on the enzymes for a few months, you can try to slowly introduce some foods that once bothered you, and often you will be able to eat them without problems.


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