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Re: Deep Tissue Oil, OP, Kefir...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Deep Tissue Oil, OP, Kefir...

i had the kidney infection back in '95 or '96. treated it with the typical Antibiotics . the pain at the time went all along the lower ribcage, just below it, and right thru me, not confined only to my back. it was that feeling of having been punched in the gut (though not in the stomach), bruised/nerve type pain, and excruciating with any movement.

the other recurrent pain is in the lower right abdomen/upper right pelvis. i'm not sure exactly when it first started (i'm so used to having to live with pain that i have to ignore it when i don't have the resources to deal with it). though i'm sure it's the same pain that i got checked out in 2000. the docs had found a fist-sized tumor on my right ovary, so the testing stopped there. it was technically a dermoid cyst, but in the ultrasound image appeared possibly cancerous to the doc. i had it cut out in 2001, and it was benign. but that original pain continued, which is actually further upward and to the right of the ovary. close to my hip bone. it used to be more of a shooting pain, like an electric needle was stabbing me there off and on, not constant. now it's like there's a sharp rock in there, varying in degrees of intensity. doing farmwork started to aggrevated it, with the bending over and all, since a few years ago. now it's more constant, and definitely synonamously intense as the upper abdomenal pains act up.

at the ER in mid feb, appendicitis was actually a stated possibility, but there was no fever or nausea. the ER doc did find infection thru blood and urine tests, but didn't specify. he guessed kidney or gallbladder. after the Antibiotics , the mass of the pain subsided, but it didn't go back to normal. it became much more mild: continuous but sporatic sharp pains or cramps throughout the liver area, a bruised feeling in the kidney area, a burning down the side, and that lower point i mentioned. not necessarily all at once. that night back in feb when i went to the ER, the pain had started as cramping in the liver area, and within hours, it had turned sharp and burning all the way around the lower right ribs, front and back and right thru the middle. it burned all the way down my side to that lower point. it was so intense i could barely walk, and could barely stand the bouncing of my truck on the way to the ER. sorry if this is repetetive and jumps around, my immediate environment is very distracting right now.

the thing that i don't get (and neither do the docs) is that there is still no fever, etc, as i said in the last message. there has been nausea only a few times, which didn't last long, and only rushes of heat that went with it. a few days ago there was pain in the stomach also (that punched-in-the-gut feeling), but it's not there now.

no, i haven't been to a chiropractor. since i haven't been able to work in months, i'm extremely limited on resources. that's why i don't have my choice of a good doc. i live on the road much, so i have no regular doc either.

ok, i can't write any more now... thanks so much for responding!! good health to ya

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