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Re: Brain tumor question
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Brain tumor question

I agree with Newport ...iodine, LOW/no salt (especially not table-salt or high sodium foods) and coffee enemas. I'm not familiar enough with the Beck protocol to make recommendations.

Iodine should/will shrink the tumor. Iodine causes apoptosis (programmed timing of normal cell death) to be 'remembered'. I understand that when a cell morphs into cancer, the programmed cell death/time vanishes (which is but one of many reasons that cancer cells/tumors are difficult to kill). The Iodine causes the cells/tumors to 'remember' that they were supposed to die long ago, and hence, they start dying.

Probably the worst 'natural' toxin known is a dying/rotting cancer tumor...hence the coffee enemas. coffee enemas both cleanse the liver, making it more able to handle higher levels of toxins AND for the time the solution is retained, the blood is cleansed of free-radicals.

My thinking: "iodine in" to start killing the tumor; no salt, but definitely utilize potassium chloride for both the bromine detox symptoms AND for the potassium (which is something else Gerson was BIG on), and CE's to assist the liver in dealing with the dying tumor AND the Iodine detox. If coffee enemas are not an option, ANY/all liver support protocols/herbs would be very important. (All the time-honored cancer healers did MAJOR liver work - electronification healers aside). I can see no possible harm there.

Another thing maybe worth noting: in the past 4 years my mother (without my knowledge) was 'treated' with: Prozac, generic Prozac, Effexor, Lexapro, Remeron, Lithium, Ritalin, Remeron, Klonopin (benzodiazepine) Provigil & Trazadone (most were extremely high doses - over & above what the makers recommend). She's currently on both Prozac & Trazadone AND Lugol's. She takes 2-6 drops daily (with salt/vitamin c) until detox symptoms hit, then takes 2-3 days off. She has exhibited no abnormal detox symptoms or apparent interactions. I sense that possibly the Prozac is losing it's effectiveness somewhat (Prozac is fluoridated, so the iodine may have that effect). However, her mental status is so altered (benzodiazepine protracted withdrawal on top of it all), that's is extremely difficult to discern if the efficacy of the Prozac is being affected by the Iodine, or not. I realize that your friend is currently taking an assortment of meds (rather than being like my mother, who is down to only two), but it seemed worth consideration.

I researched LONG and hard before I started my mother on Lugol's; I found no reference anywhere to possible drug interactions (except for thyroid meds). I also assist another elderly woman who is on Metformin (diabetic med), Coreg (beta blocker/heart); Furosemide (blood pressure) and Diovan/Lasix (diuretic). She takes 6 drops of Lugol's daily for almost 2 months, and has no adverse reactions except typical detox symptoms. (She took a full dropper of the Lugol's the first day by accident, and spent the next day in a highly emotional state, but that went away the next day).

Oh yes, and if there's no chemical/interaction issues with the herbs & meds found, Essiac Tea is ALWAYS something to add, as well as Echinacea...both have cured cancer many times.

'Wish I had more to offer :)



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