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First flush and I’m breastfeeding…
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Published: 20 years ago
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First flush and I’m breastfeeding…

First I have to say thank you so much for this site. It changed my life…literally. My sister found you on the web and forwarded the link on to me. I am so grateful.

I am 32 years old and I believe my Gallstones are directly linked to my pregnancy and the birth of my son, since I had my first attack (although I didn’t know what it was at the time) less than a month after my son was born and later learned it is a common occurrence after pregnancy. The osteopath I found sent me for a sonogram “just to rule things out”. (Osteopaths have the same training as doctors in the U.S., but have a different degree and are usually more holistic.)

I was stunned to learn from the sonogram doctor that I had gallstones. When I asked what could be done, she didn’t hesitate to tell me that most people have their gallbladders taken out. I left the office feeling really demoralized, but felt at least that my osteopath would have a broader view on the subject. You can imagine my surprise when the first thing he did was ask his nurse to get the number of a surgeon for me! When I suggested other options, he said he didn’t know of any and scared me by saying that I could potentially have a hospitalizing attack at any time and it wasn’t safe to just do nothing. I just couldn’t believe it. I have to say I was pretty scared. Luckily, I was able to meditate on it and I already had access to your site, so I knew I had a few options.

I changed my diet, cutting out high fat foods especially dairy and quickly learned (by trial an error) what triggered my attacks. I had a few nasty attacks during that time, but nothing that took me to the hospital.

I kept putting off doing the cleanse but I finally got up the courage to do my first flush two weekends ago and it was amazing! I did flush #2 “William Donald Kelleys…” on this site. At first I wanted to do Hulda Clark s flush, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I wanted to do the Clark parasite cleanse before I did the flush, but didn’t because of the breastfeeding. I was worried about taking Wormwood . I also skipped the PHOSFOOD (in Kelleys flush) just to be safe. I just wasn’t sure so I stuck with what I knew. I’m only breastfeeding once in the mornings these days, so I fed my son the morning before I did the flush, but skipped the morning after just to be safe. (For frame of reference, my son is now nine months old.)

I thought the hardest thing about the flush would be drinking the olive oil, but the worst thing for me was the Epson Salts. Yuck. But totally worth it. (By the way, my sister told me that the Greeks or Romans used to drink olive oil as a drink, so thinking of that when I drank it really helped. I drank it out of a wine glass although I admit I did it as fast as I could…) I did all the optional parts of the flush. I think the coffee enema really helped me not feel nauseous. After I drank the olive oil, I could not for the life of me figure out the right position to get into in bed, but I did my best. Then I did Hulda Clark s position afterwards, just to be thorough. I slept through the night…What woke me up early the next morning was my baby, not the cleanse. In fact nothing happened the next morning when I woke up. I was starting to worry that it wasn’t going to work. I went back to bed for a while and finally got up to eat breakfast a couple hours later. As I took my first bite I felt a mild queasiness and finally felt like something was happening. I went to the bathroom and was thrilled to find that I had passed my first gallstone. I didn’t even know it was happening. I just looked and there it was. After that I passed quite a few. Lost track of the number. Mostly the big (some ½ inch in size) cholesterol kind I believe. The green ones I passed were rather small. I took pictures. I’m still so amazed that it worked.

Anyway, even though I had read that I would probably have to do more than one flush, I was still hoping for an amazing full recovery the next day. Even though I felt better mentally from having done it and somewhat physically, I still didn’t feel 100%. I was glad I had read in the forums that that can happen. I felt like another enema was in order but wound up putting it off for a week until I attempted eating a burger with cheese and started to feel really lousy. Then I took a little olive oil and went to bed. The next morning I still felt lousy so as a last ditch effort I drank the Lemon Olive-Oil concoction listed under “Gradual Liver/Gallbladder cleansing” and within an hour of finishing the drink I felt great and have felt good ever since. I think in retrospect that maybe a stone got stuck during my first cleanse??? Is it possible to pass stones and not even know it (i.e. not see them)? I know I need to do another cleanse, but I haven’t had an attack since then. (Although I am keeping away from burgers and cheese for now, I have pushed myself a little bit food wise and have had no problems.) That’s my story. I highly recommend the flush to everyone. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be and I’m really proud of myself for doing it and not falling prey to the medical establishment’s limited view of the body!!

Lastly, I want to add that lecithin is great for cleaning the gallbladder and I recently read on the internet that onions are great as well. Who knew?


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