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Mirena out, a couple questions
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Published: 16 years ago

Mirena out, a couple questions

I had my Mirena out on Monday of this week. It was a huge ordeal. I never had any of the really horrible side effects described on this page. My biggest complaint was that I bled all month. So when I went in for my annual pap, I asked the CNM to remove it. She tried but couldn't grasp the strings. She acted like it was no big deal & said she'd have to order a special instrument to pull it out & that she'd let me know when it came in. Meanwhile, I was notified that my pap smear was abnormal & I had to come back in for a colposcopy & possibly a biopsy. Also, I started having uterine spasms that felt just like a baby kicking. I figured that had to do with the Mirena so I started looking up side effects & found this page. That's when I realized I was having some other side effects as well, like acne, hair loss, and feeling pregnant (I swear one month I felt milk let down!).

Anyway, I finally went in for my colposcopy & asked the Dr (different person than the CNM who had seen me the first time) to remove the Mirena. He had a nurse bring in an instrument to use since I told him about the CNM's trouble trying to remove it before (so obviously there was something in the office the CNM could've used). However, he wasn't able to find the strings at all AND he said that it being displaced was what was causing the uterine spasms. He said to get it out I'd have to go to the OR, be put to sleep, he'd do a hysteroscopy to find the strings, then pull it out. When I came back for my biopsy follow-up a week later, he did an ultrasound to locate the Mirena (which was thankfully still floating around in my uterus, just not where it was supposed to be), and I made an appointment that day to have it removed.

The removal procedure itself lasted less than 30 minutes. I was in recovery & awake when I realized I was bleeding a lot. So they took me back in to the OR and put me back to sleep (but not as heavy as before). Apparently, there was a cut on my cervix that he had missed (I guess maybe the Mirena or instruments cut it when he pulled it out?) & he had to stitch it up. Since then, I've had no pain or bleeding. I slept all day on Monday & went back to work on Tuesday.

Here's my question though. I have a $2500 deductible, so I'm going to end up paying for all this crap out of pocket. I really love my dr's office and don't want to start threatening malpractice or anything, but I don't think it's right for me to have to pay all of it when the problem was obviously that the CNM cut the strings too short when she put it in and/or she pushed it out of place when she tried to remove it (she said she could feel the strings when she tried, but then he couldn't when he tried...and I didn't start having the spasms until after she tried to remove it). Is there a nice way to suggest they should foot some of this bill?? The dr bill will be at least $500, plus what I already owe from the pap appt, ultrasound, & colposcopy, and the hospital bill is $2000!!

Also, and this is gross so I'm sorry, but because of the bleeding after the surgery, I have all this dried blood up in my vagina and I have no dishcharge or spotting to help push it out or dissolve it. It's kind of uncomfortable, not to mention when I feel up to it again sex will be impossible!! Any suggestions?? Sorry, I warned you it was gross, lol. : )

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