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Published: 14 years ago
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~behavior modification~


Behavior modification does not sound like
something most people want to do, and most
people are much less inclined to change than
to stay the same.

Likewise, many come to the Master Cleanse
feeling they just drink some lemonade,
poop their guts out and go on with their
life. This does work.

Others, come with behaviors which they know
contributed to where they have found themselves.
They have a nudging feeling that to get to a
place better than where they are, they NEED
to change their ways.

Once you decide to *tame* your inner child
or the angry adult, the journey just begins.
It can run the range of dealing with the
stubbornness of a two year old inner child
who uses food for comfort, or the teenager
who resists eating well because it is good
for them. Me, I seem to be stuck in my 20's
where I sure enjoyed a party and what's a party
without food~! I had a party every week...ggg.
And I vacillate between that and the times
in our family where supper was a box of cereal
divied up and good times were a three course
meal and family reunions.

Accepting the challenge of Master Cleansing
gives you an opportunity to tell yourself NO~!
Instead of struggling trying to figure out ways
to make it easier, you may have to suck it up
and just say no. Of course, this also means saying
YES to you too. Its a win-win situation but it
can also be a challenge like the little pebble
in your shoe can be a challenge...

My Master Cleansing challenges include mostly
the emotional detoxing. It can be surprising
the memories and feelings that are chelated out
by lemonade~! All of a sudden, I am remembering
situations I have not thought of in a gazillion
years, if ever, and I realized that the person
I was when that event happened looked at it *that*
way, but that the adult I am now can erase that
perception and with great hindsight, put it into
perspective, heal it, and let it go with the flush
or a long soak in a detox bath.

It is not necessary that you address the emotional
aspect of the cleanse, but if you do not, and if
you are using food to numb you or to help you
*stuff* your feelings, you will return to those
coping skills once you resume eating normally
again. It is a process and so while one can make
great strides in "growing wise", it may take many
leaps into the unknown to discover and get in touch
with your core issues, strengths, and weaknesses.

This next cleanse for me, I hope to strip away
another layer of my resistance. More often than I
like, I hear my own recalcitrant inner child stomp
her little foot, cross her arms over her chest and
say "hell-o no!". I gotta love her, and do, but I
am also determined to become the woman I am
who can love her unpredictable inner child and
still say no. I am looking for the control I need
to bring that peace which can be found sitting by
the edge of a lake, enjoying the scene, thinking about
the issues of life, and all without that bottle of
wine and a sandwich~!

For more healing suggestions Google *inner child*.
Using The Master Cleanse to have a little talk with
*me* has worked for me and I can also encourage you
to check out the emotional freedom techniques found
at this link~~

Be happy, be well,



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