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John E. is a dishonest crook that is lying to you and taking your money
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Published: 14 years ago

John E. is a dishonest crook that is lying to you and taking your money

I was so shocked today to find out in a meeting with other Science professors at my University that people were being taken in by a scam like this. John E. is liar and a cheat. First look at the name on his experiment page. It is not Chuck Yeager the famous aviator and test pilot of the X-1 (as some falsely believe), it's some person (probably not even a real person) with the name Chuck Yagiar. This should be red flag number 1 that this site is not legitimate if they are using an almost reputable source for information.

Second, the bond angle of water has and will always be 104.5 degrees. This is due to oxygen having 6 valence electrons in the outer orbital of the atom. Two of these electrons will each bond with a hydrogen atom (which each have one electron), leaving the other 4 to form electron pairs. These pairs are closer to the nucleus then the electrons shared with the hydrogen atom, and thus have a stronger electromagnetic repulsion on one another. They push away from each other, pushing the hydrogen atoms closer together, thus the 104.5 degree angle. This is basic high school chemistry that everyone should have learned at some point in their education.

Third, you can't force extra electrons around a water molecule. The water molecule is electrically neutral. There is a total of 10 electrons around the water molecule, and it's in a chemically neutral, low energy state. You can't force anymore electrons into that molecule. If you put electrons into liquid water, you actually break apart the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. In other words, you don't have water anymore, you have two gases mixed in with your water molecules.

Fourth, look at his pictures of ice cubes. Does he compare a regular ice cube to one of his in the same picture? No. I can easily change the size of the ice cube I create by changing the volume of water I put into the tray. This guy is a dishonest jerk, and he is not even subtle in his scamming.

Fifth, if I can reactivate a dead leaf with electrons, does that mean I can reactivate my dead grandmother in the same way? Look out Frankenstein, John E. is using electricity to bring the dead back to life. Think about it.

Sixth, electrons are wonderful for you, but kill viruses? Viruses aren't even technically a life form. They cannot reproduce without connecting with living cells where they can then replicate their RNA (or in some cases DNA). To kill a virus, you must also generally kill the host cell. I'd love to know how electrons can kill the viruses in your body (which also implies killing the cell), without killing healthy cells.

There is more I can say, but this e-mail is getting too long and I am getting too disgusted with the thought that anyone would actually fall for this garbage. Please, don't let his big, scary, doomsday statements lead you into throwing your money away. If nothing else, please listen to what I am saying and go to your nearest University and ask to talk to a chemist, biologist, or physicist about this machine and its purported claims. As professors our job is to educate everyone, not just our students, and to protect the general public from stuff like this.

If you feel more healthy then that's wonderful for you, but I doubt it is from drinking water from this machine. The honest truth is that you are drinking more water, which is very good for you and improves overall health and function. There is nothing wrong with purifying water, and removing impurities is important for better health, but you don't need to spend $1500 to $3000 for a machine that boils and filters water for you.

Please, don't be mislead by this man, or others like him. They are just taking your money and taking advantage of you. Talk to your doctor, talk to professionals, spend your money on things that can really improve your state of health and well being, and avoid scams like this one. This guy's web page is full or red warning flags. He doesn't have reputable people in his testimonials, he doesn't list the so-called companies that test his products and the few he does list are not reliable, reputable companies. I personally doubt they are even real. For someone who believes in his product so much, he could definitely use a new fax machine to make cleaner copies of these so called validations. He uses scare tactics and makes broad statements with no real explanation and absolutely no scientific support. He's a jerk that is only interested in taking advantage of good people, and getting every dime he can in a dishonest way of life.

Finally, here is a web page that does a nice job of debunking his page and others like his. Please educate yourselves before you fall for this scam and others like it.


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