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TESTIMONIAL ~ early impressions of iodine
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Published: 14 years ago
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TESTIMONIAL ~ early impressions of iodine

Hi, Iodiners,

I've had my Lugol's (from The Science Company) for 4 days now, and have had some interesting experiences already.

I started reading all the posts here a couple of weeks ago, and it all looked like lunacy at first, but I decided to try a few drops of 2% tincture in the bathwater, and got a really warm feeling inside. I've been cold all my life - even moving to Arizona hadn't helped much - but one bath with Iodine and I was glowing. In fact, I had to step down from approximately 10 drops the first time to more like 4, because I was glowing too much, and it wasn't comfortable.

By the time the Lugol's arrived, about half a dozen people had already told me, "You look great," (which they're not usually saying) so I figured I would continue the experiment. At one drop/day, I had no particular discomfort, so each day I've added a drop, and I'm just finishing day 4 with 4 drops. I put the drops in a 16 oz glass jar with distilled water and sip on it through the day so I don't get too much at once. Along with it, I takes sips of a Sea Salt /ACV/limewater/wheat grass concoction to get my salt, and that has mostly kept the headaches away.

I've definitely noticed the increased mental sharpness, heightened mood, clearer vision and improved hearing that others have mentioned, and it's not subtle. In adddition, my fibromyalgia pain is about 90% less in a little over a week (including the days I was taking tincture baths). I wake up in the morning feeling good, and that hasn't been the case for years. When I feel good, everything is better, and I like other people more.

I was already in the habit of taking vitamin C, salt and magnesium in various forms for my fibro, and had coincidentally spent the last few months building up my adrenals because my hypoglycemia had been out of control. The HG has also responded well to glycerine in water (which is converted to glucose in the liver without causing insulin spikes) and whey protein, taken at low Sugar times like between meals and upon awakening.

I had all my Amalgams out about 9 months ago and have done a fair amount of mercury chelation since then, so I think all this preparation has put me in a position to have a relatively easy time with Lugol's. Even so, I'm trying to take it slow because I've read some spooky stories here of folks who pushed too hard, which seems to be very common in all the forums at CZ, and is something I've done repeatedly in the past as well.

My friends are curious why I'm suddenly so happy and focused, and some of them want to try putting Iodine in their bathwater. I don't want to over-encourage them since most people aren't ready to take on an entire protocol, but the feeling they get might spark their interest, who knows?

All right then, have an IKI day!

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