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Published: 14 years ago
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If you find a good kinesiologist, (I recommend emailing Michael Lebowitz, DC at
for a practitioner possibly near your area) they will probably be able to test you for at least 90 foods and at the same time desensitize you to the foods you are reacting to with a laser or other technique. At the same time, for the desens to "hold" you must avoid those foods for at least 20 days, and challenge the dysbiosis(critters) that are creating the acidic inflammatory response
in the bowels with herbs, supps and homeopathics all muscle tested for body sensitivities. Fungus=Small intestine, parasites primarily= L.I., Bacteria=the whole GI tract. I really cannot suggest what to do unless you ask your body what its dealing with as a priority. Most people do have fungus overgrowth and it takes a diet and herbs to knock it down...saltwater flushes can help flush out the fungus. Its not just candida BTW. There are 9 other acute fungi that I test for and then somewhere down the line a few months later other nonacute systemic fungi will show -52 species that would not be in your body if it weren't for Antibiotics (made from fungus), both from injections/pills and in the meat.

There is so much toxic debris from vaccs, Antibiotics , meds, food chems, lotions, parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, metals and on and on that to just do a parasite cleanse for say a month will not in most cases bring about much change. When you stop reacting to all the test kits for the above said critters/toxins and you have balanced your emotions and removed toxic emotional information from the energy body and muscles then I can say you are back to just YOU, where no other energy sucking/distorting influences are affecting you. And if after all this you still have issues at least its easier to find your car keys when the house is clean.
HOW TO KNOW WHAT FOOD< HERBS BTW a parasite cleanse would not hurt, however I find it takes months to get at the eggs and cysts because they are buried deep in the tissues. Bowel Cleanse at least once a month while para-cleansing. I recommend Black-Walnut tincture, Chinese Wormwood (artemisia annua) because its less toxic than European Wormwood . The muscle test for strengthening is to first take the a "D" size battery and hold it away from the body usually straight out to the side as if you were pointing say to the left. Muscle test the other arm by holding it parallel to the ground but in front of your body instead of out to the side so that the right arm is perpendicular to the left. Keep your hand off the wrist as this will change the force/pressure. It may "unlock"weaken or stay strong (lock). Note the outcome. Then bring the battery to the heart area with the left hand. Muscle test the right again. Note the outcome. Now bring the battery to the forehead and test. Note the outcome.
Result: if the arm was strong outside and weak inside then the person is testable and the circuitry if working and they are not dehydrated. If the muscle stays strong in both positions then the person needs some water(the arm may be mushy feeling and after drinking will feel tighter-locked-when pressure is applied). Drink water and retest. If the results are reversed, i.e weak outside, strong inside, then the Kidney27 points need rubbed with both hands-they are just below the collar bones bilaterally next to the sternum. This is called being "switched" and is related to stress and dyslexia, energetic information disorganization. Rub points and retest.

Now you have a testable electrical body.
*So a battery slightly weakens a moderately healthy human's energy field when held to the body(heart/brain) and should stay strong when held away from the core field unless the person is quite ill/emf sensitive then it will be weak both in and out.
*If a substance tests strong both inside and out, then we say its neutral.
*If a substance is weak outside but strong inside then we say it strengthens the body/field
*And as mentioned earlier if you weaken both outside and inside then its really bad for you.
How to use this information? If you test fruits, sweeteners, seafood, yogurt,cheese, gluten and they all weaken you, think fungus. If you pass with yogurt and fruit think parasites. If hypoallergenic foods like rice, zucchinis, cauliflower, ect. weaken you think metals because they create floating allergies, usually to whatever you eat the most.
If you test coptis, coconut oil, neem oil, citrus seed extract and it all strengthens you where Black-Walnut does not, think fungus.
If you test Black-Walnut , Wormwood , citrus seed extract (Cloves don't usually test good-I don't recommend)and these strengthen you think parasites.
If you hold a piece of fish/shrimp, copper, aluminum, make-up, and it weakens you think metals (order some PCA-RX) seems to test ok, not as good as DMSA, or test some glutathione to see if it strenghtns you. Also test raw fat from avocados, raw young thai coconut, raw grassfed beef(carpaccio), they all seem to pull out metals.
Now the idea is to take say the black walnut/wormwood/citrus seed until the response goes from strengthening, to neutral, to weakening. This means you have gone through this process of say parasite clearing. Test yourself with a friend once a week if possible. Takes about three minutes. This is the best I can RECOMMEND for a lay person...its called back-testing or induction testing whereby we search for the information to guide us.

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