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Re: OH and was Ana supposed to tell?!...LOL...n/m
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: OH and was Ana supposed to tell?!...LOL...n/m

Thanks, guys, I appreciate your support:) Was Ana supposed to tell? I don't know, but she did, huh? I was going to "tell" myself, AFTER the "election". So, now that y'all know, IF I have to move another thread, I'll let y'all know. I do NOT want to have to move threads, but I WILL absolutely do that before I touch someone's words.

And yeah, JTF, I've gotten REALLY tired of all the "elemental Iodine is POISON" stuff we've dealt with here. This forum has taken a LOT of that since it's inception. Here's a short history, this post was addressed to 23rd Psalm, in the debate forum, a month or so ago...


"Yes, there is some of that(cliquishness), and there are reasons for that. The Iodine support forum started out as the Iodine discussion forum and was attacked from day 1, by posts from other forum owners, etc. A gazillion post about how "ELEMENTAL IODINE is POISON!!!!!", blah blah blah, it was endless. And those posts were made by those who did not research the issue. When the discussion forum was turned into a support forum the attacks continued.

Another thing is that this therapy is SO valuable, a lot of us really feel that it is the missing link. Add the fact that iodine has been removed from our diets and replaced with cancer-causing bromides AND the fact that our water is chlorinated and fluoridated, etc.... and guess what? We can flush these halogens from our system utilizing iodine? Cool, huh? We have a way of removing these poisons that we NEVER asked for, in fact, we unknowingly ingested these poisons(especially bromides)...I didn't know what "brominated" was a few months ago.

So the fact that we have all been poisoned does indeed make one think that there might be a Conspiracy somewhere...add to that the fact that (relatively) high-strength Lugol's will soon be unavailable to us....

So yeah, high-dosing. It's the way to get that crap OUT of us, take back our health. And all the initial reports were GREAT, overall, they're STILL great. We were truly on an AWESOME journey of discovery with this one. Every body was feeling great, the initial dose was truly a "lifting of the veil".

And ya know what? If one chooses to NOT utilize high doses, it can take 2-3 YEARS(IF then) to achieve sufficiency. A lot of us feel that we've ALREADY lost years, being deprived of this VITAL element, indeed, we've had cancer-causing agents foisted upon us instead.

So when a newbie such as yourself comes in and right off the bat starts espousing the benefits of low or cautious doses, it makes one think of two things, the first a reminder of the early days when the kelp vs. iodine argument was raging. The other being that there ain't NO FRIGGIN WAY kelp or lower doses will EVER have the therapeutic value that higher doses of iodine do in displacing those lower halogens.

Not that I don't think that there is therapeutic value in a low-dosing protocol, because I do. But it's the HIGH dosing protocol which is really the key to the health we desire. HIGH doses displace lower halogens. Low doses MIGHT work, but it's gonna take a long time, time that we're tired of wasting.

So we're rolling along, things are grand, the iodine support forum is GREAT, SO many positive testimonials. A page a day was being posted in that forum, it was awesome. 750,000 hits in a month or thereabouts.

And then, the meltdown. 45 days worth of posts lost. And since the iodine support forum had been up and running for all of 50 days, we were creamed. I, personally, was REALLY upset. Not only had we put a LOT of work into gathering resources, we had forged quite a strong community. We all "knew" each other, we were pretty much on the same page. We were definitely suffering growing pains, but still, all was good.

So, after the meltdown, quite a few of us put time into post-mining, rather than learning more, because the crash was more devastating to our forum than to any other, I think. Well, we mined, we kept at it and I think that the forum is stable once again.

Can you see, though, the psychology that is in play here? We have suffered MANY "slings & arrows" since the forums inception. Add to that the FACT that this therapy IS life-changing and life-saving on many levels, and the FACT that our "medicine" is about to be watered down....and the FACT we just spent a few weeks performing CPR on this forum...

Can you see the psychology at work here? I don't know if you is or you ain't a psy-op or whatever. Apparently your posts are perceived that way. Have you listened to the Flescha, Brownstein, et al. audios? That will give you understanding as to the importance of this therapy. I'll find the link & edit this message.

I want to add that yes, there is a place for low dosing and I do want to see us support ALL iodine supplementation. But to espouse that without knowing the therapeutic value/or criticizing the high dosing could certainly be seen as an "attack"

And we've suffered WAY too many attacks in our short forum life. :)

EDIT: here's a link to some audios. I think that listening to these gives one perspective on the passion... :)


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