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Moderator Issues
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Published: 16 years ago
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Moderator Issues

There is a definite need for Moderators on any discussion site worth it's salt. Recently, members were asked to elect Moderators for their "home forums" in an effort to help alleviate another enormous task for the Webmaster - which, I thought was appropriate. Now, it has become crystal clear that asking members to "elect" their Moderators is a mistake - it has spiraled down into a cliqueish war that has gotten out of hand. What has been happening, lately, in some of the forums has gotten out of control, gone WAY beyond acceptable boundaries, and should be stopped, immediately, either by the Webmaster or the people who are engaging in these activities.

I'm talking about threads, responses, and message posts that are deleted out of spite because a Moderator disagrees with another member's point of view. I'm talking about Moderators sending unsolicited emails threatening other members' ability to participate in forums. I'm talking about this bipartisan haranguing and mud-slinging that's going on in several of the more hotly discussed forums. I'm talking about Moderators who are literally taking over entire Forums with their own posts with regard to their own issues. I'm talking about Moderators who are abusing their privileges of control on this site.

This childish behavior HAS TO STOP. is a virtual place for me to come to that helps me to seek answers to my ongoing health issues so that I don't have to become dependent upon Western Medical Butchery! I found this site when I was in dark despair and I am having a very difficult time learning (and, teaching in return) when I'm caused to feel that my messages (which are usually reasonable) and privacy are in jeopardy. I do not appreciate, one iota, being corralled and cornered in an unsolicited email by a moderator who is trying to solicit support for "their side" of the story. There SHOULD BE NO SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a former AOL Chat Host which is much the same as a Moderator, here. The one thing that all Chat Hosts had to practice was OBJECTIVITY. We were able to do that by keeping our ID's secret (AOL gave us all new Chat Host ID's), making a promise NOT to name one another (out of spite and malice on THIS site), and learning to let some things slide...Just because we didn't agree with it, like it, or espouse it, we had to learn to allow chat members to express themselves as long as there were no racial slurs or profanities. This included allowing members to poke fun of us as "Big Brother," and other unpleasant things.

The Moderators of this site should be objective, mature, QUIET, and involved in forums that they do not have a vested interest in, THUS keeping the objectivity on an even keel, keeping the level of maturity on an even keel, and keeping Moderator opinion out of the discussions.

This is just my 2 cents.

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