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Re: Almost 5 weeks pregnant but no symptoms!!! Is that strange. Why would this be happening? I should be sick by now.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Almost 5 weeks pregnant but no symptoms!!! Is that strange. Why would this be happening? I should be sick by now.

Hi Laura,
Wow!~ you are a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing your birth story with me. I like your approach on things I really do need to think more like you, and not be let down if something happens to change my plans to give birth at home. I do trust God that everything will be fine and I have a good feeling about it. I have a good feeling about this pregnancy in general also. Its been a cake walk soo far. Now lets just hope it continues that way. :) I guess I just have a lot of negative feelings against C-sections because my second cousin was denied a VBAC by her doctor and she died in recovery after her section. They had just barley nicked a major blood vessel and she went into shock and died. She never got to meet her baby. I am also fearful of sections because of my mothers expereince, she had 3 sections and almost died with my sister because of a blood clot. I guess in my family we have bad luck with sections. My mother did have a VBAC at home with my last sister in 1990. We are 10 years apart. She only got her VBAC because she did it at home. She had tried to VBAC in the hospital and every time she was set up for another C-section. My Aunt Geri had two vaginal births then had to have a section with her 3rd because the baby was breech, but she had an awesome doctor and he let her VBAC the other 3 kids in the hospital.

Well this time with me I think the labor will go even faster because with Jacob I went from 1 to 10 cm in 8 hours. So maybe this baby will come out in 4 hours. We will see though. I was 10 by the time they did the section. I know that is crazy isn't it. They were pushing him back up the birth canal. I am the passive type and I felt like they pushed me into the section. Well I am still dealing with my feelings about it and I know it will take time to heal. I just want to have several more babies and its hard to think that each one will be a section. It just seems soo much easier on my body to have them vaginally so that is what I am going to strive for.

My son is 19 months old and I am also still nursing him so that is why I need all the extra nutrients. Oh the first pregnancy I had an ovarian cyst, not breast cysts. I also had a tiny cyst on the placenta. Strange huh. I don't see any reason to wean my son yet since the pregnancy is going well and maybe I will nurse both babies. I can see that my son still really needs the comfort and to be close to me. I don't have much milk anymore but he still likes to suck for comfort even if not that much is coming out. I wonder when he will wean himself? Well I am not in any hurry. My husband is concerned that it will hurt the new baby if I nurse him in the last trimester. What is your view on this? I have read that nursing actually helps with labor. I still feel pretty good. I will be entering the second trimester on July 22nd. I have no idea how many babies are in there though because I have not had an ultrasound. I will be sure to let you know when I know for sure. I am 27 and I've heard that the chances increace after this age.

Oh one more thing on the iodine, I keep reading that it causes acne? I have mild Acne and I don't want to make it any worse. Did you expereince this? What is your view on this?

Have a good night :)


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