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BREASTFEEDING, Mother Natures Way.
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Published: 14 years ago

BREASTFEEDING, Mother Natures Way.

Hi All,

Any new or expecting mothers who are currently, or are planning on feeding their babies using a bottle should seriously re-consider.

Breast Feeding is MOTHER NATURES WAY to ensure that your baby will be able to breathe , swallow, chew, and speak efficiently and effortlessly. Breastfeeding also ensures that as your child grows it will develop beautiful, wide and open facial features and straight teeth, instead of closed, narrow uneven facial features with crooked teeth. (explanations below)

First a note on the difference between babies tongue action while Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding.

When a baby breastfeeds off of a mother It is not actually sucking the nipple, instead it is massaging the nipple between it's tongue and the roof of it's mouth (hard palate). The baby has to squeeze and massage the nipple into the roof of the mouth in order to extract the milk. On the other hand, When a baby uses a bottle it must use suction to extract the fluid from the bottle, not squeezing.

When breastfeeding, the repeated action of having to squeeze and massage the nipple between the tongue and hard palate has 2 very important effects. 1) It strengthens the tongue, every upward squeeze and massage is like doing a little tongue pushup, this strengthens and balances the tongue to rest suspended up and back against the roof of the mouth. 2) The constant pressure on the roof of the mouth stimulates the maxilla to grow upwards and outwards. On the other hand when a baby has to suck out of a bottle it creates negative pressure in the oral cavity which pulls the maxilla inward and down, also the tongue does not get the workout that it would if it had to massge and squeeze the nipple in order to get the milk.

Tongue strengthening and Upwards and outwards growth of the maxilla are 2 very important oral-facial development benefits of breastfeeding.

Upwards and outwards growth of the maxilla provides the foundation for wide beautiful smiles, wide and developed breathing passages, balanced and symmetrical facial features, a wide palate also creates the necessary room for all of the teeth to come in straight.

A tongue that rests on the roof of the mouth is essential for proper oral-facial function, especially nasal breathing and swallowing.

A tongue that rests on the roof of the mouth anchors the mandible into the skull and provides the resting muscle tone of the masseter, temporalis, and pterygoid muscles. When the tongue rests dysfunctionally in the floor of the mouth there is a risk of tempromandibular dysfunction in the future, due to other muscles having to take up the job of stabilizing the mandible.

A tongue that rests on the roof of the mouth facilitates efficient, effortless nasal breathing via the action of the styloglossus muscle which acts to pull the tongue up, back, and wide. The styloglossus also acts to open the airway.

On the other hand a tongue that rests on the floor of the mouth facilitates mouth breathing, dysfunctional swallowing, speech defecits/impediments/lisps, incompetent lip posture, and jaw-destabilization.

Breastfeeding provides the foundation for balanced facial muscle balance and posture for the purpose of efficient and effortless swallowing, breathing, speaking, singing, chewing, laughing, etc...

Breastfeeding = Open, Wide, symmetrical facial growth
Not-Breastfeeding = Collapsed, narrow, unbalanced facial growth

Not Breastfeeding puts your baby at risk for,

- Mouthbreathing
- Sleep Apnea
- A weak tongue on the floor of the mouth
- A tongue that rests between the 2 front teeth.
- Lip Incompetence (lips that do not rest together but rest apart)
- Open-bite
- Crooked teeth
- Narrow nasal breathing passages
- Long/narrow face
- Underdevelopd or uneven facial features
- Tongue thrust swallowing
- Sucking habits
- speech defecits/impediment/lisps

If you yourself have had teeth removed in your later years, you may be at risk for a weakened tongue that has lost its ideal posture and is now lying in the floor of your mouth. Dentition and tongue posture are intimately connected.

A weak tongue that rests in the floor of the mouth creates a risk for snoring and sleep apnea (which can lead to congestive heart failure). A weak tongue will fall back into the throat while sleeping and thus comprimise the airway repeatedly during the night, this causes serious stress to the heart.

Kids who have night-time bed wetting problems may have sleep apnea.

Breastfeeding promotes the proper development of all aspects of oral-facial growth and development.

GIVE YOUR KID A HEAD START, please Breastfeed your baby.

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