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Curezone Has Issues
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Published: 16 years ago
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Curezone Has Issues

this isnt an AOL chat room, like that is a blueprint for quality information.

this site, i thought, aspires to helping people find cures. well i got news for you all. cures dont come easy. cures usually suck for the sick person. why? because the cure is going to change their life. it will make them feel like crap at first. depending on a persons tolerence for this kind of pain, it may take years to accomplish. most people are comfortable in their ignorance and all the habits they have developed to satisfy what paul bragg, the father of health food stores in america, called "dumb flesh".

people actually refuse the cure and instead try to find ways around their problem without having to change. well, they ARE the problem - their thought patterns, the lies they chose to believe, the lies they tell themselves, and that omnipotent desire to remain comfortable, satisfied, entertained, etc.

people dont want cures. they want their fantasy to be reality. it doesnt work that way. people need to hear how screwed up their thinking is and accept that and move on. they need someone to tell them the truth about what is going on with them, not continue to coddle them and feel sorry for them and try to make them feel better. they will feel better when they stop doing what it is that is making them sick in the first place.

an example of how my efforts(for example) are picked up by a few and not by the larger curezone community is in how this post was reacted to, i.e. a big fat nada:


i dont mind repeating myself, but no one likes to be ignored. at least i wasnt punished or attacked. in this post, someone thought about what i said and got it right. i guess it wasnt right for curezone. it didnt even get an R.

the same attitude that pervades our society and allows people to roll over and let their economy and their health and their safety and security be put in the hands of others for their own convenience is the same one that pervades curezone. the forums are full of people giving their opinions as if that is somehow going to help. its the blind leading the blind right off the cliff.

how is a person supposed to find when someone does know what they are talking about? this is a big site and that is a lot of seeking. i suggest reading all of MH's posts and then you will see how far off a lot of the rest are.

a person that does know what they are talking about doesnt have to be rude or mean, but sometimes the truth is rude and is mean when it goes directly against what a person wants to hear.

i post to the forums i know about. i make what i say count for all its worth. i speak from personal experience and people call me a narcissist. i try to keep the bad info that gets presented freely and ad nauseum by countless others from rising to the top and being taken for gospel. since i am not a mod or have special powers on here, my tactics are called knee-jerk and over the top and fanatical. hell fire, people, thats the only way to get anyones attention here. otherwise its all good. makes me want to puke sometimes. if i didnt care about curezone(the people) i wouldnt say a word about it. i wouldnt post the info i post, either.

there are many different starting points, as many as there are people, but there is only one way from there to get where people say they want to go. finding how to go in that direction can be difficult. many times, a person does not know what is important and what is not.

there are so many voices here saying different things. there are not many cures out there. there is only one cure and one must diligently seek that cure logically, one step at a time. when those steps are missteps, disaster results, as with this person:


the task before anyone trying to help others here is twofold. one must communicate clearly to people that are too sick to think and then one must correct others who are too sick to think but think they know what they are talking about. it is a daunting task for someone to accomplish both and then get attacked for doing so and being effective at it, especially by egomaniacal moderators and forum owners and their followers.

curezone gives people hope. many have come and gone because they found a false hope residing here. they listened to the wrong people saying wrong things for their own purposes. it is one thing to want to help others. it is quite another to be able to. as far as i am concerned, very few can be counted among those who are able, the number of those that are also willing are fewer yet.

i leave you with an excerpt from an email i received yesterday:

" took a while to get Iodoral over here but it finally arrived, and I began another great journey.
In the last 9 months I've CURED my high blood pressure and my type 2
diabetes, no drugs prescription or OTC. Oil, AVC, Iodine and Vitamins.
Any way I started to see the Iodine forum, begin to crack a little and then
we were away on vacation for a month, and wow looks like things went all
too hell.

I just wanted you to know, that you made a big difference in my life, and
if you ever have the desire to travel to ________, you've got a place to

to the joy of all those opposed to me here, i could use a vacation.

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