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Question! Could a poor diet during late childhood and teen years lead to poor liver function and gallstones??
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Published: 14 years ago

Question! Could a poor diet during late childhood and teen years lead to poor liver function and gallstones??

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Could a poor diet during late childhood and teen years lead to poor liver function and gallstones?

This is my story. My sisters in and I lived with my parents until 1988 at that time a serious family crisis and death in the family caused both of my parents to go off the deep end. They were un able to take care of their 3 girls who they had done soo well with for soo many years. My parents never re gained custody when they got back on their feet. The brutal murder of my Aunt Cheri in Sacramento had caused my mother to go crazy. She could not handle life and the deep Depression had caused her to lose her children. My dad did the opposite and started sleeping with other women and going to the bunny ranch in Nevada, spending money on hookers and then started to abuse my Mom. All of this happened in a short of amount of time and when social services got wind of it and we were taken into foster care. Before this all happened my mother was the ultimate homemaker, she breastfed all of us until we were 2 years old cooked home cooked meals, made clothes for us, spent a lot of time with us. She fed us very well and I remember her getting me to eat my vegetables at a very young age. She was the best mother and I looked up to her. I try to always remember the good times. We lived in South Lake Tahoe at the time. I was 8 my sister Rebecca was 6 and my sister Bee was 4 when we were taken away. We were in foster care for a few months and then my Aunt took over and got custody of us very quickly. My dad was living his own life now parading around with women and he didn't want us anymore and my mother was still mentally un able to care for us.

Well to make a long story short From the time we lived with my Aunt and her other 5 children we were basically fed junk every day. At first I remember that I didn't like it and I remember commenting on how greasy the food was. My Mom never took us to Mc Donald's yet my Aunt took all of us there all the time, she bought little Debbie, snacks, high Sugar sodas, pizza and we rarely had a healthy meal. I think the healthiest meal we had once in a while was spaghetti. That was the only thing she ever made. On thanksgiving she made one turkey and that was good too, but we were overloaded with sweets too. My aunt over did the holidays which might be one reason I am not really into the holidays now. It seemed so fake to me. My Aunt was also very verbally abusive and not nurturing at all like my mother. Yes, we lived on 5 acres and had horses and a pool but we were not happy. She never spent time with us. She worked as a cocktail waitress in Reno and had some money stashed. She also got 2000 per month for us three girls which was a lot back then. I think she could have fed us better but she went the cheap route when it came to food. Perhaps that is because there were soo many of us. I do remember missing my moms mashed potatoes and home cooked meals. Yeah we had desserts now and then with my Mom. She would make almond chicken and asparagus too and I loved it. I used to always wish that my aunt could be more like my mother but my mother could never be replaced. I started to be more the mother to my younger siblings at least in the more nurturing way like when they would get a hurt I would fix them up or hold their hand to the bus stop etc. I tried to be a good big sister.

Well, as time went on we were still fed crap food and its a miracle we were not over weight teens. In 1995 at the tender age of 15 I met my Future husband Jason in high school!! Well, in 1999 we were married- I was 19 he was 20. We have always had a good relationship and marriage. I guess I lucked out with him at an early age. Well, we are now 27 and 28. Been together for nearly 12 years now and married for 8 years. We had our first child in 2005-( we wanted to wait because we were soo young when we met and wanted to get established and get some college out of the way).

Back to what I was saying. Since I met Jay and we were on our own we actually ate healthy. For some reason what mom originally instilled in me was still there and I wanted to go back to that old way. Jason had been raised on good food mostly organic and he liked health food. Since we got married back in 1999 we have lived on home cooked meals and no fast food. If we ever did happen to go to mc Donald's when were traveling the only thing we had was a salad but if we ever ate out the choice was typically subway. We don't drink, don't smoke, none of that crap. We drink a ton of water etc. We have meals most of the week and I work at home as a loan officer so I do spend the time I want on my family. I eat about 2 apples a day, and my son eats very well also. He is still nursing at 19 months and seems to be weaning himself. That might be because I am pregnant again.

Well, when I was pregnant with my first son Jacob I started to have severe gallbladder attacks. The attacks went on and I ended up having my gallbladder removed because I was rushed to the ER for gallstone pancreatitis. Jacob was a few months old when this happened. The gallbladder was spewing out huge stones and it irritate the pancreace. I nearly died from this horrible ordeal. I guess I didn't understand why I was having problems because I ate soo healthy since I met Jason. I felt as though I was too young to have my gallbladder removed. It had to be done though. It has been a year since My gallbladder was removed.

Could my gallbladder problems be from nearly 10 years of poor eating as a child and teenager when I lived with my Aunt?

My husband thinks that couldn't be because all the years of healthy eating would of made up for it. I am starting to believe that what we are fed when we are young can affect us into our adult lives. I would love input on this.

Sarah :)


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