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Re: Rudi I've never heard you talk that way!!! Someone
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Rudi I've never heard you talk that way!!! Someone

I have the most respect for motherhood.....still I believe there is a better way.... Still... I push darkness around at times....When I get angry with a generic God it is worst for me.... My God does not feel comfortable with that name... When I do get angry at an undefined God it is usually for loneliness, pain, and suffering....but like my higher self...the God I met in heaven...she is oblivious to it.... Try finding darkness in a small room with 100,000 candles power... wherever that light is darkness fades away....

Q. Am I doomed to being a dark ripple?

I imagine you are a lighter shade of gray...much like have moments when you are delightful and there is another moment when you swam in the dark night of the soul. Few are beacon light their whole existence... Imagine that we get to choose our mothers and fathers....their abilities and disabilities too...Souls jump at the chance to enter a body with down syndrome as they are some of brightest lights around... For us their might seem dull but look at that smile...a priceless gift to love. There is such a huge opportunity to grow in such a vessel...For most of the rest of us have find giving love and receiving love the hard way...

Q When the going gets rough, will the happy happy joy joy, love the world me get swallowed up by that part of me that resembles Bilbo Baggins in that scene from the Lord of the Rings where Bilbo asks Frodo to let him see the ring and Frodo doesn't comply?

A "Smegal loves it." We can give the God of this world a pink slip but the rules are still the rules. We agreed to suffer...we have to pay to play....

Q. I grew up in a family of ministers with a strong interest in biblical/end times prophecy. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandma and her dad discussing "when the U.S. gets involved in the fighting over there in the middle east~ that's when it's all going to happen. You wait and see!" Your post scares the poop out of me, and reinforces all of the fears I have felt in my gut over the past 7 years. I try really hard to not choose fear, and I don't fear the outcome, but I am afraid of the process. I am afraid of watching my children starve. Their death doesn't scare me, it's the suffering part. Can I get an epidural for the apocalypse? LOL! Do you think tattooing "Love thy neighbor?" on both my hands and my forehead might work??? LOL! (i'm only kinda kidding)

A. Fear is the opposite of love but I have to tell you these religious crazies and sociopaths are writing themselves into scripts and playing out the parts. Still, I see time as "elastic..." I think we can do our part to reduce or increase the suffering by not participating in it... The world may be falling apart around us but
it is we who get to choose to live with dignity...

Q. "I talked to my mom in Indiana this morning and she was again expressing concern for their lack of rain and the poor farmers and their sad crops. Are we in for a worldwide drought? Am I to watch my children starve? Are they to watch me? Is this really the script we've written for ourselves? Should we embrace this as our emancipation from this crazy world of pain? Our "finals" and "graduation" if you will~ Is surrender the key? Is it ok to hope it's over in the beat of a butterfly's wing?
Is there anything we can do to protect our children from unnecessarily excessive suffering? Would stocking up on beans, rice and pemmican be focusing on fear? Would building an ark? Should I be focusing all of my thoughts and energy on something different entirely, like expecting a miracle? Am I really expecting a miracle if I am preparing for the worst?
Can you please send J over here with the armegeddon manual~ (not kidding)
Love Won!

A. I don't have good answers for any of those questions but each of us can play into the fear or just do the best we can through it all....If you get angry then forgive yourself... God who is love already did... In years before my NDE, my country was playing out the same scenario but someone somewhere stopped it... That someone this time might be me you or me... When you have the the courage to love in the face of courageous...when you don't forgive yourself... God who is love already did. It bears repeating and so does "love wins in the end."
I don't if there is a real question there. I know I could store up seven years worth of food and I am not knocking that but I do keep about 30 da

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