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Re: Gay/Lesbian Marriage
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Gay/Lesbian Marriage

Please allow me this opportunity to refute your claim that I am struggling to come to terms with different lifestyle choices and that am homophobic. You and I could get along just fine, maybe even be friends (just friends mind you) if the opportunity ever presents itself. You are upfront and open about your lifestyle being a choice and make no claim that you are unable to control your behavior. I have a niece, whom I love very much, pretty much the same way. She admits that she likes what she does and that she just doesn't want a man. I can accept that. When there's a family function I always tell whoever organizes it that if both she and her partner are not invited I will not attend, and we won't discuss her sexuality unless she initiates it. She doesn't - we don't.

Male and female couples who are barren are usually not childless by choice. The sexual behavior in which they engage is not fruitless because of the behavior itself, but because of a medical condition. Quite often barren couples are not aware of this condition until after they have tried to no end to have children. Homosexuals, on the other hand, know before hand that the sexual behavior in which they engage will not and can not reproduce their own kind, which is the primary purpose of sex. That most humans derive pleasure from sex is purely incidental. Proof: A gay man an a lesbian woman can have sex and neither enjoy it yet she could become pregnant.

And, yes I do believe that it's possible for people to born with the propensity for same sex attraction. I certainly can't prove otherwise. However, that doesn't make a particular behavior normal. I personally know people who have been stealing ever since they were able to pick up things and walk but I don't think it's alright for them to steal.

I don't knock what you do and I certainly can't stop it and make no effort to do so. I am, however, irritated by certain homosexual behavior, especially when one hits on me again after I have once refused his proposal. Or when I hear one (and I have on many occasions) say, "I think I might be pregnant" or "I saw my period this morning". That shouldn't bother me but it does. And, I am against the public education system making homosexuality part of the curriculum for preschoolers in the name of diversity so that they will be able to make the right decision regarding their own sexuality. They don't teach heterosexuality so that they will be able to make the right decision.

And, as far as male animals spewing sperm indiscriminately, it's a natural occurence that happens because of a buildup of seminal fluid and the proper receptacle is not available. It sometimes happen to humans, especially young boys during adolescence. Why animals sometimes ingest their own semen or other animals consume it is because they don't know any better. Humans are blessed with the ability to reason and should know better.

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