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Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Published: 14 years ago
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Apple Cider Vinegar?

I have a question about ACV, but need to tell a little story first

“Once upon a time, in a time long forgot, a young man had heartburn 24/7, every day this caused him pain and anguish, he tried a multitude of cures, but to no avail. Then one day he came upon a farmer man, who said, “why young man, don’t eat that muck, eat this lovely grub that I have grown just for you.” So this young man ate this farmers food and in 2 weeks was cured of his dastardly heartburn that for 10 years had given him a hellish time. He was now a happy young man. But from time to time his heartburn would return, but rather than going back to the cures-that-did-not-cure, he tried Apple cider Vinegar and lo and behold the heartburn was banished again, this time in minutes. Again he was a happy young man.

Now this young man started some learning about foods n diets n whatnots for he had some other ills to attend to. He met some knowledgeable fellows and they gave bucket loads of advice. One knowledgeable man gave him special diets, special lists, special foods to eat and certain foods to avoid. This young man told this knowledgeable fellow about the apple cider vinegar story and he laughed at the poor young man. “You fool, don’t take that muck, its too acidic,” he said “no, no, no that will make you sick, make everything worse.”  The young man was shocked, “but, I assure you Sir, whenever I have heartburn, I drink a thimbleful of ACV and hey-presto no more heartburn.” The knowledgeable man laughed and laughed at the poor young man."

Fact: whenever I have heartburn, which is very infrequently now, a little sip of ACV makes it go away. Simple and effective. No more antacids….. fast and fantastic. Together with a real food diet it works and no more heartburn.  
Why did this man say that it was wrong to take ACV for heartburn? He is an “expert” and he told me something that was plainly “wrong”
Why did he say the opposite of what I know to be true? Or was he speaking about the “average young man.” Maybe I am not an average young man? Maybe he was not listening to me? And maybe he should be ignored?

Question: Why did this man say that it was wrong to take ACV for heartburn when it plainly works for me?




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