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don't know, but wish to comment
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Published: 14 years ago
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don't know, but wish to comment

I have no idea what you should do, but I had a similar experience, and presumed my body was not very toxic, since I've been into cleansing and purification for a long time, as well as eating a diet that was high in Iodine, and munching on seaweed. So I doubled the dose. A few days later, still no results, so I doubled it again.

At six drops, I urinated some dark funky smelling urine, once, and then everything went back to "normal", so I increased the dose again.

At eight drops I had several lucid dreams, awakened with a sense of peace, also noticed that I didn't need as much sleep. My neck and shoulders started getting stiff in the morning. I had a desire to get out of bed and get on with the day, rather than to keep sleeping. The stiffness in my neck went away quickly once I got up and moved around.

At 10 drops twice daily, I experienced a funky metallic taste in my mouth and started getting a headache. I got rid of the headache with selenium and vitamin C, and urinated brown a couple more times.

When I tried to break the 12 drops twice daily barrier, the headache was really intense. The addition of Brazil nuts to my diet resulted in more funky urine. But nothing would get rid of the headache, not even salt water flushing would help.

At that point, people started giving me bucketloads of crap, telling me this is not a competition. I was told to bathe in ten pounds of sugar. The Iodine Lite folks have apparently been identified and routed to another forum. I am thankful, and still frequently feel like an idiot. I looked up gullible. It's in the dictionary.

For some reason, I seem to need a whole lot more concentrated dose of most anything I take (except bloodroot) in order to get results, including LSD twenty years ago when I tried it. I'll never do that again. Don't need to. I still have flashbacks today. Especially when I read this forum. Ha. Grin. Wink.

There is a great parasite formula that works for many people. I didn't get any results until I took half a bottle. The recommended dose was one tablespoon. I buy herbs in bulk and make my own concoctions because it is way too expensive for me to purchase other people's formulations. It feels to me like the disease in my body is lurking, waiting to move in and kill me very quickly, if I don't stay on top of things. Ooops, I got off topic.

Back to Iodine... Apparently I was confused. My math brain shut down a few years ago when the hep C tried to kill me. I could no longer balance a check book, and had to hire a book keeper.

Seems the maximum recommended dose of Iodine, unless you have some kind of mucous affliction, which I do, is eight drops per day. At some point, it would be nice to read the article on how to get rid of mucous afflictions with Iodine. Right now I'm just trusting the tip from Newport.

Sometimes I am not sure whether people are trying to be funny or they are serious. Did somebody really take fifty drops per day, or was it a joke? Is there really a doctor who took a gram a day for a year, or is that a funny myth? Why would somebody take gram a day? To get rid of a serious disease? To prove that Iodine is harmless?

Does the thyroid shut down when people take too much Iodine? What is the dosage range when that kind of thing happens?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm dead and don't know it...
Don't take too much or you will get paranoid like me.


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