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Advice / Analysis of water fast symptoms appreciated:
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Published: 15 years ago

Advice / Analysis of water fast symptoms appreciated:

I just broke off a Water Fast after only 12 days because painful and adverse symptoms became alarming.

Simply, starting around Day 7 bile from the gallbladder was backing up into the stomach around 1-6 am every night making it impossible to sleep lying down (or sleep at all basically). Also urine became scant, dark-coloured with strong smell and taste.

Yesterday I noticed water collecting in the legs with the skin getting spongy (slightly) to the touch. When pinched, it takes 2-5 seconds to come back to normal shape. It is not yet at the stage where you can leave fingerprints in it. Mainly just the calves. No swelling apparent in the ankles although I can feel the build up of water in the legs at this point.

I have been drinking regular amounts of well water during the fast and have no reason to believe there is anything wrong with it. Today I bought 02 Aqua which is demineralised and distilled and it tasted basically the same in the mouth.

Oh - also red flecks in the eyes, related to liver no doubt.

I am curious if anyone here has some authoritative understanding of the sort of process I have gone through with the gall bladder and kidney business.

Perhaps it is all fine, a typical health crisis and best to persevere?

Or what sort of scenarios are likely with the GB? For example I am curious and puzzled: why would the gall bladder play up during a Water Fast when there is nothing to digest? And why would the kidney stop processing even though I'm drinking water at the same time?

Any explanations appreciated though I - and I am sure all of us - would prefer not to many totally wild guesses since anybody can guess.

My favorite 'guess theory' for example is that because I have been working late shifts for 9 months straight the liver/gallbladder complex has been unable to perform its proper functions and the system has become far more intoxicated than would otherwise be the case. I have also eaten more junk food in the past 9 months (though still far less than most people) because of the schedule. This theory does not explain the kidney business, however.

Anyway: all input appreciated. Thanks.

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