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Question for Telman
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Published: 16 years ago

Question for Telman

Hi Telman,

I am thinking of taking a product called GallCleanse again. I have 4 bottles left (2 dissolve and two flush) I stopped because the dissolve capsules made me feel like an attack was coming on. They recommend taking dissolve capsules for a week then start on the flush capsules.

Do you think this is something that could be helpful to dissolve stones before doing a liver flush? Or should I get my money back? : ) Ingredients posted below.

I googled each ingredient and couldn't see anything that might be harmful. I haven't found anyone on curezone that has tried GallCleanse.. I researched the ingredients on Google and from what I've read so far this seems to be a safe product.

Bioneutrix states GallCleanse has a unique peppermint and caraway oil complex in the Dissolvent capsules that drastically reduces the symptoms of even the most severe attacks.

The GallCleanse Dissolvent contains oil-derived compounds called monoterpenes that inhibit cholesterol molecules in Gallstones from binding -- thereby safely disintegrating the stones.

Gallstone-dissolving capsules contain:

Menthol - eats away gallstone surface
Extracted from peppermint oil, this monocyclic monoterpene is clinically proven to eat away at the cholesterol surface of gallstones.

Camphene - inhibits stone's molecules from binding
Extracted from ginger oil, this bicyclic monoterpene penetrates Gallstones and inhibits cholesterol molecules from binding to each other.

Menthone - breaks down stones into tiny, easily flushed particles
Extracted from geranium oil, this monoterpene compound finishes breaking down stone particles into soluble molecules that can safely pass out of the gallbladder.

Fennel Seed Oil - stabilizes oil complex
This stabilizing oil allows the oil complex to coat the gallbladder and Gallstones uniformly

Flush capsules contain:

Silymarin Extract is a very well studied herb that acts directly on the liver to improve the liquidity of the bile. Once the bile is able to flow freely, it can easily flush out gallstones and prevent new stones from recurring.

Betaine Extract has a dual effect on the gallbladder and the bile fluid. It stimulates the gallbladder to improve stone expelling contractions. At the same time, it lowers the cholesterol content in the bile.

Curcumin Extract is a proven anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling in the gallbladder, thus improving gallbladder function.
Oregon Grape Extract improves the anti-inflammatory properties of GallCleanse and eases stone movement.

Artemisia Argyi Extract is an herb that has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory. Argyi is clinically proven to improve contractions in the gallbladder.

Ginseng Extract is a tri-active herb that has a tissue protective and gallbladder flushing effect. It allows the bile to be able to dissolve more stone material before it can be easily excreted.


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