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To the "LOST CHILDREN OF LIVER FLUSHING" like most treatments flushing must be done with other things in mind.
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Published: 14 years ago

To the "LOST CHILDREN OF LIVER FLUSHING" like most treatments flushing must be done with other things in mind.

I use Liver Flushing in a clinical practice. In my experience it only works when the issues that create the stones/sludge/toxins are addressed simultaneously and that includes: avoiding foods you are reacting to, desensitizing the body to those foods.

I use kinesiology to ask the body what it wants and in what order so that I can assist the body in clearing physical manifestations of dis-ease like: fungus/parasites/bacteria/viruses/VACCINATIONS!/heavy metals/chemicals, clearing the myasms that the body has entrained through the thousands of compensations the above have caused, rebalancing the body energy flow, chemistry, emotional field so that the circuits are connected and communicating. For most there is a spiritual affirmation that takes place once the majority of this crap is cleared and that is "I am me again."

I don't treat people as much as I help them communicate with their body cause it sure knows a hell of a lot more about healing than I could ever imagine. I am a kinesiologist. I provide the tools to help the body get back into alignment with the persons mind so they can get in touch with their spirit. I don't believe people are meant to stay sick because that is not in alignment with their true purpose here which is to bring beauty and light into the world.

So when I here someone who is worse off from cleansing I can tell you that I have had a few people who came to me with in the same boat. One guy had done 87 flushes in four and a half years. He flushed whenever he felt bad ~ every two to four weeks.
He still had everything I listed above...had to do the same thing all the other people I see have to do: fungus/parasites/bacteria/viruses/VACCINATIONS!/heavy metals..ect.

His source problem was that his body always thought he was drunk because he was a body abuser. It took a while to neutralize the myasm that his body always thought he was drunk and continually make antibodies to all things associated with booze drinking..even his own body alcohols..the good ones! Don't forget chole-sterol is a fatty acid and an alcohol! His always made "stones," it was used to it! So in his case once I got the fungus down, for which the body had to be immunologically retrained, since in his body the compensation was going on for so long that it became normal to have yeast everywhere. So a high strength homeopathic was required to get all the species of candida and other fungi to revert back to their dormant state and the immune system finally got the message "HEY THIS FUNGUS STUFF MAKES POISON: REMEMBER HOW MUCH WE HATE ALCOHOL."

Then the metals came he had em all. He loved sushi (STOP EATING FISH IT IS ALL POISONOUS)! And then the reason he came to me showed MD referred him to me because I specialize in parasites and he had a Hydatid cyst(tapeworm) the size of a golf ball posterior to the upper right quadrant of the liver. It was positioned in a difficult place to take out via surgery.

He refused to take flagyl because it makes him nauseous. I don't use flagyl or like flagyl. I can't. I'm not a physician. He had done several Hulda Clark style parasite cleanses. Little did he know it takes more that a few weeks to get the levels down .

It took homeopathics, lemongrass oil, neem oil, chinese Wormwood , black wlnt, citrus seed and several colonics as well as lymph drainage to get at those suckers. According to the muscle tests his body was spending 15 % of its energy on parasites. He also reacted to twenty other parasites.

All in all we spent 6 months on parasites. After a year and a half he is down 65 pounds from 235 to 170. His skin looks great, no more fatigue, joint problems, respiratory issues, hair loss, constipation, inabilty to maintain ideal 6.5-7.0PH, flatulence, ect.

And we cleared the emotional charge of his self-perception of being angry, resentful, ignorant, scared, ugly, hopeless, desperate, lonely, depressed, addicted, and a whole lot more so that his energy doesn't switch back into old patterns of compensation..especially addiction.

If liver chi doesn't flow because of trapped emotions then the bile will get sludgy and overheated and the cholesterol will precipitate out of the bile solution. I don't allow flushing until the body asks for it and that is almost always after fungus and/or vaccines. I think Andreas Moritz is full of it(flushing with candida.) Terrible idea. I got his lost children. Some are scarred from wearing out their livers.

Its a lot of work to make bile and HCL for that matter and blood. They are all interrelated and I find post flush, people don't have enough B-6 to make HCL which begets low acid which begets cholecystekinin not activating the flow of bile. People with parasites also are low in B-12 so both those B-vit factors predispose them to low HCL.

Then whole body PH changes to more acid and now you lose minerals because an acid body cannot absorb or hang on to minerals...not to mention it TAKES bile and saturated fatty acids to properly absorb the "alkaline" minerals. Its a train of effects all interrelated. This is what has happened to most "flushers" I see.

After a few months the inflammation subsides, the liver can tolerate vitamins and EFA's again, the Small intestine asks for high strength enzymes to re-alkalize and jump start the duodenal system, and after a little while longer the stomach will ask for HCL and pepsin. Then the Large intestine will finally come back into balance and the gut lining will "hold" onto flora as the PH will support them.
I hope this can help someone. This is my story too in a lot of ways.

However, I'm still working on myself too.


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