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Re: Some people's acne may never go away...
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Some people's acne may never go away...

There likely is a large disconnect between what your body needs and what you think it needs. Your conscious may be largely influenced by several stimuli (aka other well intended peoples advice) and ignore the subtles cries of your subconscious.

You must throw everything out the window if you think it is not helping. For example a simple allergic reaction to something you take or a nutritional deficiency can trigger that direct symptom or weaken the immune system as an indirect route.

For example, in my case if I was to continue a mostly raw diet I would be struggling today whether because of the enzyme inhibitors or because of the large amount of energy it takes to digest them. No digestion means waste accumulation. So in my case adopting a diet with cooked food and actually very low in greens (more root vegetables) was highly beneficial to me (as per my Ayurvedic Dosha in this case).
Bottom line is I alligned with what my body was telling me, craving the foods I eat and the way theyre prepared from scratch is enough for me to know Im doing the right thing.

Steering away from what your body requires will eventually create nutritional deficiencies that may escalate to bigger problems (there's ALWAYS a deficiency as a root cause). However supplementing things willy nilly may not make things better (making things even worse) specially if untested and unconfirmed.
Hundreds of conditions can indicate a deficiency of a combination of nutrients which ratios are critical. It's pretty much a shot in the dark guessing what to take. However the body knows these by utilizing all senses and signaling your conscious to act upon something that may be useful or not to the body.

That's why I do try to align myself with what my body is telling me (very difficult when so much very real and true information is outthere).

For those of us having trouble understanding the subtle messages of the subconscious there's always biofeedback analysis. The best $150 I ever spent was to have a SCIO session to have a DNA analysis and evaluate all the factors present in my current state. It was incredibly accurate and does pinpoint strategies and ways to rebalance health without any guessing games.

This may be useful to you if you're having a hard time listening to your body. It will offer some ah-ah moments and help you realize what can be done (rather than guessing).

Ultimately though, you must realize that it was the accumulation of several factors that got you where you are and the only way of going back to health will be knowing the factors and listening to what your body is telling you (your body knows exactly what to do to regain health and remove those factors).

That's why I often think humans have a curse by having a conscious mind - this sponge sucks in so many stimuli from our unbalanced environment that it becomes dirty and begins blocking the health maintaining information coming from our autonomous system. Time to clean the filter


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